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  • Staurolite is a red brown to black, mostly opaque, nesosilicate mineral with a white streak.
  • It crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system.
  • A special property of staurolite is that it often occurs twinned in a characteristic cross-shape.
  • In handsamples, macroscopically visible staurolite crystals are of prismatic shape.
  • They are often larger than the surrounding minerals and are then called porphyroblasts.
  • It is the official state mineral of the United States state of Georgia.
  • Staurolite is famous for its twinned crystals that form into the shape of a cross.
  • Its name comes from the greek for cross.
  • Staurolite crystals are formed in five colors; red, white, black, brown and yellow. All colors will turn gray when exposed to the elements for a long period of time.
  •  The twin is a classic penetration twin where it appears as if two crystals grew into and out of each other.
  • Metamorphie processes observable in the upper earth 's crust comprise reactions in asolid state, reequilibration,degassing, partial melting and re-hydration reactions.
  •  The metamorphic processes change density, texture, and modal mineralogy.
  • The Porto-Viseu Belt, located in the innermost zone of the Iberian Variscan Fold Belt the Central Iberian Zone (CIZ), corresponds to an antiformal structure developed during the D3 Variscan deformation event.
  • Staurolite is one of the index minerals that are used to estimate the temperature, depth, and pressure at which a rock undergoes metamorphism.
  • Staurolite is a common metamorphic mineral that is useful to geologists to determine the degree of metamorphism.
  • Staurolite crystals are formed in many stages of perfection, from a faint cross to a perfect cross and every stage in between.
  • Staurolite Information
  • The Mineral Staurolite
  • Staurolite Description
  • Staurolite
  • Staurolite Crystal Data
  • Staurolite Crystals
  • Staurolite Pictures
  • General Information
  • Staurolite


  • Metamorphie Processes in the Transantarctic Crystalline
  • Nearly pure iron staurolite in the Llano Uplift and its petrologic significance
  • Formation of atoll garnets from the aureole of the Ardara pluton.
  • Modification of Rocks by Temperature and Pressure
  • Magnesium staurolite and green chromian staurolite from Fiordland, New Zealand
  • Synthesis of Staurolite in Melting Experiments of a Natural Metapelite
  • Thermodynamic models of reactions involving garnet in a sillimanite/staurolite schist
  • Prograde Metamorphism
  • Kyanite & andalusite Occurences
  • Application of the muscovite-paragonite geothermometer to a staurolite-grade schist
  • What is the Right Abrasive for job
  • Zuni heritage is preserved
  • The Staurolite Area Of Patrick & Henry Counties
  • Zincian staurolite in Glen Doll, Scotland
  • Industrial Mineral Market
  • Process, Price, Production (Demand), Reserves, and Applications
  • Garnet Market Potential in Western Canada and United States
  • Mining In the United States
  • Abrasive Propellent for cleaning of surfaces & Machinery
  • Process For Milling Dyes With Saturolite Sand
  • Recovery Of Heavy Minerals a Tar Sand
  • Synthetic Mineral Sand Produce From Staurolite
  • Geothermal energy, as old as Pompeii
  • Geology Research Unit
  • The development of a gneiss dome in the Variscides of Northern Central Portugal: age constraints on metamorphism
  • The Mineral Industry Of Florida
  • The effects of Al and vacancies on Li substitution in iron staurolite A synthesis approach
  • H content of staurolite as determined bv H extraction line and ion microprobe
  • Process & Product Innovation
  • Iron distribution in staurolite at room and low temperatures
  • Consultants From America
  • Consultants From America
  • Consultants From Spain
  • Consultants From New York
  • Staurolite Concentrate
  • Starblast
  • Staurolite Sands Blasting Media
  • Power Blast
  • Staurolite Sands

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