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  • In a large range of applications, steel must first be processed in a rolling mill before it can be used. Steel used for building a vessel must sustain fatigue due to rolling and other reaction during voyage. The main users of scrapped irons are the local steel re-rolling mills producing MS rods, MS bars, angles and steel sheets for domestic market.
  • A furnace is an equipment used to melt metals for casting or to heat materials to change their shape (e.g. rolling, forging) or properties (heat treatment). A box type furnace is used as a batch type re-rolling mill. This furnace is mainly used for heating up scrap, small ingots and billets weighing 2 to 20 kg for re-rolling.
  • The choice of this new steel making process was not an easy decision, though a natural one in retrospect. A small re rolling mill came out into a vastly expanding market. As a re roll mill they had to purchase their steel in a semi finished state from other domestic mills. The strong demand for steel naturally dictated that these mills use their own capacity rather than sell it to a competitor.
  •  Cold rolled steel is manufactured from hot rolled coil that has been chemically cleaned on the pickling line before being rolled. The coil is initially cold, however while being reduced, the coil will get hotter as the steel work hardens. The cold rolling reduces the thickness of the steel and at the same time changes the mechanical properties of the steel.
  • The Steel Re-rolling sector in the secondary producers category has undisputed position I the Indian market today due to its extensive restructuring within its resources and within the financial crunch which the sector is facing from the very start after Independence. But the industry has not lost its patience and has been flourishing day-by-day facing all odds.
  • The uses and applications of iron and steels and products made from these metals are too common to require enumeration. It is used for the manufacturing of industrial and agricultural machinery and equipments, transportation vehicles, rolling stock, earth moving equipment, ships, boats, vessels and the housing and construction sector.
  • There are approximately 2600 Re-rolling Mills in India out of which approximately 1800 Re-rolling Mills are working inclusive of scrap re rollers in India. Out of total 1800, 1167 re rolling mills are on the list of the Government whether States or Central.
  • The substantial quantities of steel rolled products are being exported to the various parts of the world in addition to all neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. Various fabricated and steel items, which are produced out of the rolled products, are exported to the most developed countries of the world like USA, Canada etc.
  • The estimated demand of the re-rolled products has been estimated at about eight million tonnes. The share of the secondary steel producers in India out of the total production of finished steel has been assessed at 59 per cent which itself proves the achievement of this sector.
  • Ship Breaking
  • Furnace & Refactories


  • Cold Rolling Mill
  • Oxygen Process, Steel making-Vessel.
  • Manufacturing Process & Materials
  • Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars
  • Reheating & Re rolling
  • Production Flow


  • The status of re-rolling industry
  • The State of Steel Re-rolling Industry in India
  • A  Steely resolve
  • Iron Steel& Re-Rolling Mills
  • Steel Re-rolling Mills Assn calls for raw material import
  • Chinese domestic billet price continue to rise

Technology & Patent

  • Process Innovation
  • Steel Takes Leed With Recycled Content.
  • Solutions for long product rolling mills
  • Rolled Steel Shapes By Controlled Rolling
  • Steel Strip By Hot Rolling
  • Manufacturing Rolled Steel Products
  • Steel Rolling Bearing Rings
  • Rolled Steel Rod Or Bar
  • Rolling &Heat Treating Stainless Steel Rod
  • Biomass Gasifiers


  • Aman Machine Tools
  • Amreli Steels
  • Bentex Industrials
  • Rolling Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Steel Machinery & Steel Mill Equipment
  • Steel Plant Manufacturers
  • Roll Grinding Machines
  • Indiana Machine Tool
  • Rolling mill machinery
  • Steel Machinery
  • Manufacturers & Suppliers Of Steel
  • Steel Plant Machinery & Supplies


  • Buy Recycled  With Recyclable Steel
  • Annual Review
  • Annual Report
  • Steel melters, re-rolling mills: procedure for sales tax payment issued
  • Grade In Steel Around the Globe
  • Iron and Steel Industry
  • Industrial growth in small and medium towns and their vertical integration
  • Steel Melting Sector
  • Joint Plant Committee
  • Plant From India
  • Plant From Russia
  • Plant From China
  • Plant From China
  • Plant From Mexico
  • Plant From UK
  • Plant From Saudi Arabia
  • Plant From USA
  • Plant From USA
  • Plant From Bangladesh
  • Plant From Brazil
  • Plant From USA

Company Profile

  • Company In India
  • Company In India
  • Company In Europe
  • Company In UK
  • Company In Brazil
  • Company In UK
  • Company In Hong kong
  • Company In India
  • Company In India
  • Company In India
  • Company In Pakistan
  • Company In America


  • Project On Energy Efficiency Improvement In The Steel Re-Rolling Sector In India.
  • Energy Efficiency in Steel Re-rolling mills
  • Removal of Barriers to Energy Efficiency & Improvement in the Steel Re-rolling Mill Sector.
  • Use Of Special Steel For Girder Bridges
  • India Energy Efficiency at SME Steel Forging Cluster
  • Project for Jersey Shore Steel
  • A Case study of Zuquala Steel Rolling Mill

Material Specification Data Sheet & Products

  • Cold Rolled Carbon Sheet Steel, Dofascoloy
  • Hot Rolled Sheet Steel
  • High Strength Steel
  • Hot or Cold Rolled High Strength Steel Sheet
  • Cold Rolled Coil And Sheet Product
  • Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars
  • Biomass Gasifiers
  • Cold-rolled high-strength steel

Steel Scrap Suppliers

  • Foreign Exporters & Manufacturers
  • Iron & Steel Scrap
  • Exporters Of Metal Scrap
  • Steel Scrap
  • Singapore Scrap Steel
  • Metal Scrap Wholesale Suppliers


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