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  • Tellurium is a metalloid chemical element which is used in a variety of industries, primarily in the form of an additive to an assortment of compounds and alloys.
  • Tellurium symbol is Te and atomic number 52. A brittle silver-white metalloid which looks like tin, tellurium is chemically related to selenium and sulfur. Tellurium is primarily used in alloys and as a semiconductor
  • It is relatively rare on the Earth's surface, and it is usually found in combination with other materials, such as gold.
    Tellurium can be isolated through chemical or electrolytic processes. Because of its rarity, the element can be expensive, especially in a pure form.
  • Tellurium and its compounds are probably toxic and should be handled with care. Workmen exposed to as little as 0.01 mg/m3 of air, or less, develop "tellurium breath," which has a garlic-like odor.
  • Tellurium is obtained as a byproduct of the electrolytic refining of copper. Although copper slimes are valued primarily for gold, silver, and occasionally platinum-group metals, tellurium is available to the refiner for the added cost of recovery and refining.
  • The process flow for the production of tellurium can be separated into two stages. The first stage involves the removal of copper from the copper slimes (an intermediary product is tellurous acid). The second stage involves the recovery of tellurium metal and purification of the recovered tellurium.
  • A common method for obtaining tellurium is to pass an electric current through dissolved tellurium dioxide (TeO2). The current breaks the tellurium dioxide down into oxygen and tellurium
  • Absorbance of the coloured extracts of the tellurium ion associates depends on the nature of the extractant. Individual extractants and the mixture of
    various organic solvents have been tested.
  • Tellurium improves the machinability of copper and stainless steel, and its addition to lead decreases the corrosive action of sulfuric acid on lead and improves its strength and hardness.
  • Tellurium is also used as a catalyst in the manufacture of synthetic fibers.
  • Tellurium is used in ceramics. Bismuth telluride has been used in thermoelectric devices.
    About 75 percent of all the tellurium produced today is used in alloys. Its most important alloy is a tellurium-steel alloy.
  • The alkylmetal generation technique using methyllithium can be applied to the determination of trace levels of inorganic tellurium in aqueous samples.
  • Thin films of Tellurium dioxide were investigated for γ-radiation dosimetry purposes. Samples were fabricated using thin film vapour deposition technique.
  • The feasibility of growing CdZnTe by liquid phase electroepitaxy. Based on our successful LPEE system of GaInAs, a new crucible to grow CdZnTe was developed.
  • Majority of semiconductor crystal properties prepared by tellurium and cadmium are known to have strong harmful influences by the presence of trace level concentration of residual impurities since they reduce substantially detector efficiency.
General Information
  • Tellurium element facts
  • The Mineral Tellurium
  • Tellurium Nuclear Data
  • Tellurium-Overview
  • Tellurium-Periodic Table
  • What is Tellurium?
  • Tellurium


  • Production of Volatile Derivatives of Metal(loid)s by Microflora Involved in Anaerobic Digestion of Sewage Sludge
  • Life cycle impact analysis of cadmium in CdTe PV production
  • Tellurium Commodity Profile from 2003-2007
  • Tellurium Commodity Profile from 2001-2005
  • Tellurium Commodity Profile from 2002-2006
  • Selenium & Tellurium
  • Tellurium Production


  • Tellurium Process
  • Formation Cross Sections of Iodine and Tellurium Isomers Produced in the Fission of 238U by Protons of Energies 30-85 MeV2
  • High purity tellurium production using dry refining processes
  • Investigation of the Extraction of Tellurium Complexes with Basic Dye Reagents
  • Tellurium Process Overview


  • Characteristics of a 16x16 Fine-Pixel Cadmium-Zinc-Telluride Detector
  • Tellurium-H in Interstellar Diamonds
  • Frequency locking of blue/violet extended-cavity diode lasers for dynamic sensing applications
  • Hair growth induction by the tellurium immunomodulator AS101: association with delayed terminal differentiation of follicular keratinocytes and ras-dependent up-regulation of KGF expression
  • Tellurium Copper for Free Machining
  • Tellurium Excretion and Distribution in Tissues Studied with Radioactive Isotope


  • Alkylating vaporisation of tellurium using tungsten boat furnace– sample cuvette technique and its analytical application by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)
  • Gamma Radiation Dosimetry Using Tellurium Dioxide Thin Film Structures
  • Growth of cadmium zinc telluride by liquid phase electroepitaxy
  • Tellurium purification: various techniques and limitations
  • Determination of Tellurium in Steels by High Power Nitrogen Microwave Induced Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry Coupled with Hydride Generation Technique


  • Tellurium Extraction from Copper Electro refining Slims
  • Tellurium Lamp
  • Method of Recovering Metallic Tellurium
  • Organ Metallic Tellurium Compounds Useful in Chemical Vapor Deposition Processes
  • Process for Producing Selenium Homogeneously Doped with Tellurium

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Tellurium Atomic Absorption Standard
  • Cadmium Zinc Telluride
  • Carbon Steel
  • Lead Telluride
  • Safety data for tellurium dioxide
  • Tellurium Standard Solution
  • Tellurium
  • Zinc telluride
  • US Consultant from Arizona
  • Consultant from Australia
  • Consultant from Minnesota
  • Consultant from Philippines
  • Consultant from Texas
  • Consultant from USA


  • Peculiarities of the Electric and Thermoelectric Properties of GaTe
  • Effect of Ag Impurity on Photoconductive Properties of Selenium and Tellurium Glasses
  • Optical Properties of Cesium Telluride
  • Tellurium Properties
  • Thermoelectric performance of films in the bismuth-tellurium and antimony-tellurium systems
  • Some electromagnetic transition properties and mixing ratios of tellurium isotopes


  • The Effect of Tellurium on the Machinability of AISI 12L14+Te Steel
  • Biological effects of tellurium
  • Te Substitution effect in low-dimensional superconductor NbSe2-xTex
  • Effects of excess tellurium on the properties of CdZnTe radiation detectors
  • Effects of Selenium and Tellurium on the Surface Tension of Molten Iron and the Wettability of Alumina by Molten Iron
  • Unusual Lone Pairs in Tellurium and Their Relevance for Superconductivity


  • Acute Tellurium Toxicity From Ingestion of Metal-Oxidizing Solutions
  • Nomination of Cadmium Telluride to the Toxicology Program
  • Exposure assessment of potentially toxic trace elements in indigenous goats in the rural communal production systems of the northern region of South Africa
  • Inhibition of Squalene Monooxygenase by Tellurium and Selenium
  • Literature Review of Environmental Toxicity of Mercury, Cadmium, Selenium and Antimony in Metal Mining Effluents


  • Telluride Market Report
  • Annual Average Tellurium Price
  • Tellurium Statistics U.S Geological Survey
  • Tellurium End-Use Statistics U.S Geological Survey
  • Selenium & Tellurium
  • Sustainable Recovery of Tellurium and Indium from Thin Film Photovoltaic Modules


  • Anzai eZScope AN Portable Gamma Camera
  • A Corporate Report
  • Element 52 Project Redefines Luxury in Telluride
  • Occupational absorption of tellurium: a report of two cases
  • Study of the dissolution behavior of selenium and tellurium in different solvents—a novel route to Se, Te tubular bulk single crystals

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  • Tellurium Buyers List

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