Assessment of Trace Heavy Metals
in Ash Ponds

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Information brief

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  • Thermal Power Plants use mainly coal in India
  • The total production of fly ash per annum is said to have crossed one hundred million tones
  • Utilization of fly ash is much better now but still the percentage utilization is small & power plants have no option but to dispose the fly ash in ash pond.
  • Of the total Solid Waste generated in India, approximately 25% is
    residue from coal combustion
  • Pond ash is a mixture of dry fly ash and bottom ash
  • The trace elements
    like As, Cu, Pb, Ni, Zn, Co, V, Sc, Be, Cs, and Zr have been found in various concentrations in the ashes and these elements significantly enrich the pond ash
  • Heavy metal pollution index (HPI) is calculated based on the data of the ash ponds to see the extent of pollution
  • Extraction and leaching of various heavy metals like Zn, Ni, Cu, Fe, Pb, Mn, Mg, and Cd was carried out by applying batch leach test and toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP) to check the possibility of ground water contamination.


Ash Ponds Information

  • The design and maintenance of ash pond
  • Construction of ash pond dyke for thermal power plants
  • Ash Pond Management
  • Managing Multiple Constituents in Ash Pond

Technology Options

  • Dewatering to stabilizing Flyash disposal
  • Wet Disposal of Coal Ash at Higher Concentration
  • Modification of the Process of Heavy Metals
    Immobilization in Wastewater Sludge
  • Construction of embankment, ash dykes, filling low-laying areas
Projects Information
  • Physical and Chemical Characterization of Pond Ash
  • Heavy Metal Leaching in Indian Fly Ash
  • Extraction and Leaching of Heavy Metals
  • Extraction Procedure
  • Chemical fractionation method for characterization
  • Project Details

Measurement of Trace Heavy Metals

  • Measurement Techniques for Inorganic Trace Materials
  • Determination of Trace Heavy Metals in Water Samples
  • Established Technique
  • Chemical states analysis

Environment Protection

  • Thermal power Plants
    Environmental Regulations
  • Discharge Permit Limits
  • Flyash incorporation on Soil
  • Birdlife at flyash ponds

Research Reports

  • Assessment of Groundwater and Surface Water Quality Indices
  • Radionuclide & trace element contamination around Thermal Power station
  • Trace Metals in acidic fly ash
  • Groundwater pollution by metals nearby coal-fired power plant
  • Determination of the contents of heavy metals and to possible reuse
  • Ash Pond Failure
  • Metals in Coal Fly Ash Ponds
  • The Leaching characteristics of ash

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