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  • Wet grinders are very popular tools in the South Indian kitchen used to make paste out of soaked grains and lentils.
  • The earlier form of wet grinder called "Attan Kallu" used mechanical energy in which the user has to rotate the top stone called "Kullavi" to grind the medium.
  • The invention of electricity has led to the development of electric-powered wet grinders and the powered wet grinders have both the top and the base stone rotating.
  • These electric models were first introduced in restaurants and later moved into the home.
  • Among electrical domestic appliances, the wet grinder is one of the most popular and essential items for house wives. It is used to grind wet grains.
  • Wet grinders shows its types as stone rotating type wet grinder, container rotating type wet grinder, tilting type, both stone and container rotary
    type wet grinder. The most common wet grinder used in houses in the container rotating type wet grinder.
  • About 1 lakh nos. of Wet grinders are being manufactured every month in India. Out of these around 75,000 nos. are produced in Coimbatore alone.
  • The food habits of South Indians mainly include idlis and dosas. This creates the market demand.
  • Today various types of wet grinders are available in the market. These types are conventional type, tilting type, and table top.
  • Today commercial types of Wet Grinder up to 40 ltrs capacity are being manufactured. Also wet grinders are manufactured on order basis as per the requirement of the customers.
  • Wet grinder manufacturing industry in Coimbatore, which accounts for nearly 90 per cent of the market for wet grinders in the country, hopes to witness a 20 per cent growth in production once the three-year cluster development project, now in its first year of implementation, is completed.
Process & Production
  • About wet grinder
  • Diagnostic study of the wet grinder cluster
  • Sharpening with makita wet grinder
  • Chipsco Mold & Design
  • Barranca Lapidary Wet Grinder and Polisher


  • Company from Southern Ghana
  • Company from Mumbai
  • Company from China
  • Company from Coimbatore
  • Company from Maharashtra
  • Company from Peelamedu
  • Company from Kilpauk
  • Company from Valiyampalayam
  • Company from Vilankurichi


  • Gison pneumatic tools
  • Commercial tilting wet grinder
  • Inline dispersing grinders
  • List of commercial wet grinders
  • Model wet grinder
  • Table top wet grinder
  • Ultra Wet grinder
  • Premier wonder wet grinder

Patent & Technology

  • Wet crushing process and crusher for implementing such process
  • Wet and dry food grinder
  • Apparatus and methods for wet grinding
  • Apparatus for grinding material
  • Improved wet grinder
  • Wet grinder
  • Scope of colloid mill for industrial wet grinding for batter preparation of some Indian snack foods

Project & Consultant

  • Agro-Processing  Project 
  • Wet grinder consultant
  • Wet grinder Experts
  • Quality standards for wet grinders on anvil
  • Quality Standards for premier wet grinder
  • Ministry approval sought for wet grinders


  • Selling leads of wet grinder
  • Exporters of wet grinder
  • Manufacturers of wet grinder
  • Trade leads of wet grinder
  • Suppliers of wet grinder
  • Wet grinder manufacturers

Raw material suppliers

  • ABS resin suppliers
  • Bearing manufacturers
  • Drum suppliers
  • Stainless steel suppliers
  • Stamping manufacturers
  • Quarry stone machine suppliers
  • Copper wire manufacturers

Machinery Suppliers

  • Die casting machines
  • Drilling machines
  • Hydraulic machines
  • Wire winding machines
  • Cylindrical grinding machine
  • Lathe machines
  • Milling machines
  • Moulding machines
  • Hydraulic pressing machineShaping machines
  • Slotting machine
  • Testing machine
  • Winding machine

Market & Report

  • Coimbatore wet grinder industry hopeful of 20 pc growth by 2007 Seeks distinct identity
  • Cluster initiatives for valley state
  • An economical and environmental solution for increasing the recycler's profits for reclaiming R-pet from dirty post-consumer pet bottles
  • Wet grinder and mixer

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