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Latest syringes are smaller and have finer needles and special coatings that work to make injecting as easy and painless as possible. When insulin injections are done properly, most people discover they are
relatively painless.

Insulin Pen

An insulin pen looks like a pen with a cartridge. Some pens use replaceable cartridges of insulin; other pen models are totally disposable. A fine, short needle, similar to the needle on an insulin syringe, is on the tip of the pen. Users turn a dial to select the desired dose of insulin and press a plunger on the end to deliver the insulin just under the skin.

Insulin Pumps

These high technology products are miniature, computerized pumps. They are about the size of a beeper, weigh about 3 ounces, and deliver insulin through a flexible plastic tube attached to the body. The pump mimics a healthy pancreas by offering insulin delivery in two ways.
First, it provides a rhythmic, continuous drip of insulin, which is known as the basal dose, all day long. Second, the pump allows you to add an additional amount of insulin when you eat. This extra dose is called a bolus.
You request your bolus with a simple push of a
button. You usually determine the size of the
bolus by estimating the amount of carbohydrate
you will be eating.

Inhaled Insulin

Inhaled System of Insulin delivery is the latest Product offering several advantages over the other conventional Systems

Business Opportunity Overview

Number of Diabetic Patients are on the increase & Insulin Market in India is placed around INR 250 Crores with about 30 % growth rate.
The Injectable Insulin Market  is comprised of products such as Insulin Syringes, insulin Pen , Insulin Pumps & Jet Injectors
Then there are Inhaled Insulin products, Oral Insulin Markets, Nasal Insulin delivery technology, Transdermal Insulin Delivery, Rectal Insulin Delivery, Ultrasound Insulin delivery, Iontophoresis Insulin Delivery Technology, Electroporation Insulin Delivery Technology and so on

The products are Highly Technology Oriented and there are
very few players in the world Market.
Indian Market is served by Imports & therefore priced high.

There are attempts to start manufacturing these products in the country & therefore, the Insulin Delivery Systems market in India is considered to be very bright.

Internet offers valuable Information on the Nature of these products, companies in the forefront, Technology Transfer possibilities , Market Survey by reputed Consultants and Emerging Business Opportunities in this category of medical devices.

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