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  • Inventory is merchandise in-stock and on hand.
  • Companies today must be fast and nimble enough to react quickly to changes in customer demand and do it with little inventory.
  • A significant cost to manufacturing, distribution and retail organizations is the inventory carried to support customers and sales. Effectively managing and minimizing investments in inventory can certainly provide competitive advantage and bottom-line benefits.
  • Manufacturing organizations usually divide their "goods for sale" inventory into:materials and components scheduled for use in making a product (Materials and Components or Raw Materials), materials and components that have begun their transformation to finished goods (Work in Process, or WIP),finished goods - goods ready for sale to customers.
  • Stockroom inventory is classified into categories called ABCD
  • The logistics chain includes the owners (wholesalers and retailers), manufacturers' agents, and transportation channels which an item passes through between initial manufacture and final purchase by a consumer. At each stage, goods belong (as assets) to the seller until the buyer accepts them.
  • Just In Time (JIT) is an inventory strategy implemented to improve the return on investment of a business by reducing in-process inventory and its associated costs.
  • JIT espouses that firms need only keep inventory in the right quantity at the right time with the right quality.
  • Theory of constraints (TOC) is a philosophy which emphasizes that all management actions should center around the firm's constraints
  • Vendor Managed Inventory, (VMI), describes a family of business models in which the buyer of a product provides certain information to a supplier of that product and the supplier takes full responsibility for maintaining an agreed inventory of the material, usually at the buyer's consumption location (usually a store). VMI makes it less likely that a business will unintentionally become out of stock of a good and reduces inventory in the supply chain.
  • VMI will help foster a closer understanding between the supplier and manufacturer by using Electronic Data Interchange and other statistical methodologies to forecast and maintain correct inventory in the supply chain.
  • Ownership of consignment stock is passed only when the stock is used (issued). Unused stock in a warehouse may be returned to the manufacturer.
  • Standard cost accounting uses ratios called effciencies that compare the labor and materials actually used to produce a good with those that the same goods would have required under "standard" conditions.
  • When the value of inventory is lower than its cost, the inventory should be written down to its market value. This is done by valuing the inventory at the lower of cost and market in the period in which the price decline occurs.
  • The accounting method that a company decides to use to determine the costs of inventory can directly impact the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flow.
  • There are three inventory-costing methods that are widely used by both public and private companies:
    FIFO,LIFO and Average Cost.
  • Often firms are given a price discount when purchasing large quantities of a good. This also frequently results in inventory in excess of what is currently needed to meet demand. However, if the discount is sufficient to offset the extra holding cost incurred as a result of the excess inventory, the decision to buy the large quantity is justified.
  • Managing stock has never been as easy.Save time, manage customers and get one step ahead of your competition with inventory software.Create invoices in a snap.No more lost sales due to insufficient stock
  • Supply chain management has had a considerable impact on inventory management. Instead of managing one's inventory to maximize profit and minimize cost for the individual firm, today's firm has to make inventory decisions that benefit the entire supply chain.
  • A survey by AMR Research (Boston) projects that the excess consumer goods inventory will exceed $60 billion in the U.S., and $120 billion globally, by the end of 2000.
All About Inventory
  • How To Set Up Inventory
  • Defense Inventory
  • Inventory Financing
  • Inventory Procedures for Manager/Supervisor
  • Logistics
  • Inventory in Motion
  • Intelligent Network Inventory
  • Personal Property Inventory
  • Physical Inventory
  • Position Classification
  • Just-in-Time Inventory
  • Inventory Products
  • Inventory Problem in Banks

Inventory Management

  • SBA-Inventory Management
  • Understanding IT Asset Management
  • High-Quality Inventory Management Plan
  • Integrated Inventory Management
  • Inventory Performance Management
  • NREL Inventory Management Plan
  • Real Property Inventory

Retail Management System

  • Retail Inventories
  • Accounting for Pro Shop Inventory
  • Vendor Managed Inventory in Retail Industry
  • Combating Retail Losses

Supply Chain

  • Analyzing Inventory Cost and Service
  • Dell’s Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Design Models
  • Supply-Chain Inventory Management
  • Consignment Stocks

Purchase Policy

  • Purchase Policy
  • Purchasing/Inventory
  • Purchasing Procedures and Guidelines
  • Capitalization Policy

Inventory Control Techniques

  • Inventory Planning
  • Inventory Control
  • ABC Classification
  • ABC Analysis
  • Online Inventory Control
  • Efficient Reel Inventory Control
  • SAS Inventory Replenishment
  • Inventory Reduction
  • How To Cut Excess Inventory


  • Perishable Inventory Management Using RFID Technology
  • Tax Benefits of Adopting LIFO Inventory Method
  • Distributed Object Technology-Networked Inventory
  • Wireless (RF) Systems
  • Inventory Investment and Output Volatility
  • Tobacco Products Inventory Tax


  • GP Inventory
  • Inventory Specification
  • Management Specification
  • AccountMate 6.5 Inventory Control
  • Inventory Module
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory
    Software-Instruction Manual
  • Street Tree Inventory Software
  • HighJump Software
  • Heritage Inventory Software
  • Installing the FASgov and
    FAIgov  Inventory Software

Free Downloaded Software

  • Inventory Software Version 2.06
  • AI Free Inventory Software
  • Home Inventory Software
  • Version-2.1.5 Software
  • Microsoft Software Inventory Analyzer
  • Download Inventory Related Software
  • IBM Business Consulting Services
  • Lucent Worldwide Services
  • Inventory and Logistics Consultants
  • Timberline Forest Inventory Consultants
  • Center for Inventory Management
  • Advanced MP Technology-Excess Inventory Consultants

Project Profiles

  • Mobile Community Tree Inventory (MCTI) Software
  • Major Projects Inventory
  • Global Inventory Project
  • EU Project


  • Application Inventory
  • Chemical Inventory
  • Inventory Management(IM)
  • Web-Based Emission Inventory Application
  • Sensor Data Aggregation-Resource Inventory
  • SSIT Applications Inventory

Market Demand

  • Optimizing Inventory at ON Semiconductor
  • Slashing Inventory at Whirlpool
  • High Tech's Inventory Overhang
  • Stock Market Report
  • Asset Management in European Market
  • Financial Market Report
  • Solar Lanterns Market Development
  • Australian Equity Market
  • Competitive Advantage through Supply Chain
  • Stock Market Investment Advice

Inventory Costs

  • Inventory Costs
  • Capitalization and Inclusion in Inventory Costs
  • DoD Secondary Inventory Value
  • Ted Hale Rowing-Inventory Price List
  • Arland Wholesale- Inventory Price List
  • Cost Considerations for Timber Inventory
  • CompuSave-Inventory Price List
  • Showdown Hot Rods-Price List
  • Tropical Fish Distributors-Price List
  • Control Equipment Price List
  • Rental Inventory Price Sheets
  • Mary Booth Cabot Artwork-Price List 2005
  • MVE Freezer Inventory Price List
  • Fabric Inventory Value
  • Jewelry Piece Inventory
  • Landed Cost
  • Impact of Congestion on Shippers’ Inventory Costs
  • Managing Inventory Costs
  • Valuation of Inventory
  • Inventory Value
  • Inventory Reduction Sale
  • Additional Valuation Issues

Buyers, Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Inventory Software Suppliers
  • Excess Inventory Suppliers
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Inventory Buyers and Importers

Company Profiles

  • Aspen Supply Chain Solution
  • ITV Leverages Accipiter’s Inventory
  • ADEXA Solution
  • Ryoshoku Limited
  • Sony Marketing(Japan) Inc
  • Cognos Inventory Analysis
  • Enterprise Management Associates
  • DDSC Solution
  • Wincanton
  • Om Logistics




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