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About Jasmine
  • Jasminum Officinale,Jasmine, Jessamine, Poets Jessamine 
  • Tuberose, Polianthes tuberosa
Products & Uses
  • JASMINE SAMBAC (Concrete) 
  • JASMINE SAMBAC (Absolute) 
  • TUBE ROSE (Concrete) 
  • TUBE ROSE (Absolute) 
  • Cosmetic Uses It is extensively used in soaps, perfumes, toiletries and various cosmetic products particularly high-class floral and oriental fragrances. Jasmine oil can also be used in products aimed at a dry, greasy, irritated or sensitive skin due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties 
  • Medicinally Jasmin oil can be used to help treat muscular spasms and sprains and also help problems like depression, nervous exhaustion and stress-related conditions.
 Cultivation & Extraction
  • Ideal for Cultivation by Small Farmers.
  • Cultivation Practices 
  • Extraction Methods followed by the Industry
  • Steam Distillation, Solvent Extraction , Supercritical Co2 Process & more
  • Equipment Suppliers in India & abroad 
  • Technology Offers
  • Standards & Quality Information
  • Government Support Services
  • Market Survey Report of Cosmetic Industry with List of Importers.
  • Perfume Industry in France 
  • Companies in the field
  • Floriculture Exports
  • Directory of Perfume Companies buying Jasmine Oil
  • Directory of French Perfume Companies
  • Buyers List.
  • Exports & Imports by countries
  • Prices
  • Trade Leads
 Quality & Standards
  •  Specifications
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
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