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  • Kattha & cutch are extracted from wood of Khair tree.
  • Acacia is the botanical name of Khair tree and it has different varieties like Acacia Sundra, Acacia Catechuoides & Acacia Catechu.
  • The species are mainly concentrated in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujaratand Himachal Pradesh. The preferred locations are either UP or Bihar.
  • Manufacture of Kattha is an important forest-based traditional industry in India.
  • Kattha is bitter, acrid and is used in paan and in medicinal and ayurvedic preparations. Cutch is a by-product of kattha and is used as tanning material, as an additive and preservatives by many industries.
  • Mass consumption of Kattha is used in preparation of paan all over the country.
  • Cost of land could be Rs. 0.90 lac whereas the construction cost is assumed to be Rs. 3.00 lacs.
  • Rated production capacity of 3000 kgs. of kattha per year would yield around 8400 kgs. of cutch as a by-product.
  • The only raw material would be good quality khair or acacia  wood.
  • Requirement per month even at 100% utilisation would be 60,000 kgs.
  •  Uttar Pradesh is one of
    the leading states of the country in cultivation of these trees.


  • Catechu Grading and Marking Rules
  • Forest Management
  • Kattha - Manufacturing process
  • What is Khaki
  • Large-scale felling of khair trees near Ropar
  • Detailed information on Cutch Tree
  • Research papers
  • Dark Catechu
  • Image of Acacia Catechu

Various Species Under Acacia

  • Acacia nilotica
  • Acacia auriculiformis
  • Acacia bynoeana
  • Acacia podalyriifolia
  • Acacia pubescens
  • Acacia catechu
  • Acacia farnesiana

Abundant Growth of Khair Trees

  • The Punjab-Shiwaliks, India
  • Pokhara, Nepal
  • Indian Desert
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve
  • Development and Management of Natural Resources
  • Himalayan Ranges
  • Forestry in Siwalik Range
  • Nil Tax

Processing and Beneficail Effects of Khair Tree

  • Colorants and Dyestuffs
  • Khair production
  • Traditional Uses of Khair
  • Uses of Khair
  • Unani System of Medicine
  • Antimicrobial activity of some natural dyes

Post Harvest Technology

  • Acacia Seed Weevils
  • Weed Management Guide
  • Biodiversity
  • Guidelines for Protection, Research and Development of Biosphere Reserves
Auction Process of Khair Wood
  • Feed value of selected tropical grasses, legumes and concentrates
  • Auction Notice
  • Forest Regulation - 2051
  • Non Forest Private Lands
  • Tender Document
  • Forest Receipts
  • TERI - 2004
  • Finance department Tax Division
  • Govt Stand on Kattha Unit Quota Sought


  • All About Gambier
  • Catechu and Gambier
  • Uncaria Gambier
  • Extraction of Gambier
  • Extraction From Leaves and Young Shoots
  • Katha from Uncaria gambier

Market, Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters, Suppliers and Trade Leads

  • Opportunities and Challenges in the Business
  • Sustainable Development and Promotion
  • Small and Medium forest Enterprise in India
  • Saatal Kattha and Chemicals limited 
  • Andkhisons Agro Pvt. Ltd.
  • Suruchi -  Kattha & Cutch
  • Business Directory
  • Inquiry Details
  • Trade Enquiries
  • Import leads of buyers and distributors
  • Suppliers of Kattha
  • Trade Leads - Gambier
  • Export Of Gambier
  • Indian Exporters & Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers and Extractors of Kattha
  • V.S. International Ltd.
  • Shiv Dayal Mal Bishamber Nath Jain
  • Global Trade Leads

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