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  • Lavender is referred to as the "good witches" herb, as it was useful in averting the "evil eye".
  • It is a small, aromatic shrub used in the fragrance, specialty food, and alternative medicine industries originated around the Mediterranean in poor, rocky soils and mild coastal climates.
  • Lavandin flowers grow on long stalks that sway in the wind. The stalks rise 18 to 24 inches above the plant and move as ornamental grasses.
  • Lavender has long found a role in folk medicine. The plant has been used as an antispasmodic, carminative, diuretic and general tonic.
  • Fresh leaves and flowers, as well as the diluted essential oil are applied to the forehead to relieve headaches and to joints to treat rheumatic pain.
  • Lavender is usually administered in the form of an infusion, decoction or oil and is either taken internally or applied topically for relief of neuralgia.
  • Lavender's versatility is seen in its various applications as a fragrance in perfumes, bath and shower products, hair care products, toiletry soaps, detergents, typical formulations, synthetic derivatives and production figures.
  • Lavandula can be divided into 5 sub-generic groups.
  • It includes Spanish, Yellow, Sweet, French, Allardii, Goodwin Creek Gray, and Woolly Lavender.
  • Essential oils are used as flavors and fragrances in manufacturing, as well as in aromatherapy, an alternative health discipline.
  • Lavender has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy and does indeed appear to have antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsive and anti-depressant properties.
  • Dried Lavender stalks burn like incense sticks and can be included in spells and rituals aimed attracting money, love, protection and success.
  • Lavender was widely used as a natural antiseptic and deodorizer.
  • Externally lavender oil is one of the safest essential oils and can be used full strength on the skin.
  • The oils from Lavender, Lavandin and Spike Lavender have long been used separately and in the combination with other essential oils in the fragrance and perfume industry.
  • Lavender pillows, eye pillows,
    bath salts and floral waters are a wonderfully easy way to enjoy the soothing effects of lavender aromatherapy.
  • Mechanism For  Sustainable Development & promotion
  • General
  • The allure Of Lavender
  • Australian Lavender Industry
  • Handbook by Rosemary Holmes

Growth and Cultivation

  • Lavender Enchantment
  • Mountain Valley Growers
  • Growing Lavender Anywhere
  • Growth For Oil Production
  • Cultivation
  • Propagation And Harvesting
  • Entertainment Farms

Distillation Process

  • General view
  • Distillation of essential oils
  • Steam Distillation
  • Distilling Lavandin & Lavender in Oregon
  • Essential Oil Distiller
  • Distilling Lavandin Flowers
  • Gurilla-Distiller
  • Gallon Distiller
  • Hydrosols
  • Oil Distillation
  • Lavender Fields Distillation


Magic & Superstition
  • Medicinal Uses
  • Benefits of Lavender Oil
  • Medical use of L.angustifolia
  • Aromatherapy
  • Properties And Applications
  • Feasibility
  • Essential Oil Price List
  Species Of Lavender
  • Names & Identities
  • Lavandula angustifolia
  • Lavandula dentata
  • Lavandula latifolia
  • Lavandula stoechas
  • Lavandula x intermedia


  • Lavender Products
  • Hill Country Lavender Products
  • Happy valley Products
  • Pennine Lavender
  • Extracted oils
  • Lavender Green Products
  • Invitation
  • Gifts
  • Recipes 

  Manufacturers And Suppliers

  • Suppliers Of Lavender
  • Manufacturers and suppliers in India
  • Suppliers of Featured and Trade Leads

To Be Noted

  • Provencal Lavender Fields Map
  • Snaps 
  • Points to remember

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