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  • The world market for anticholesterol drugs was worth over $20 billion, making the anticholesterol drugs the most successful therapeutic area in the world.

  • Lipitor is one of the anticholestrol Drugs.

  • Lipitor is an HMG Co A Reductase Inhibitor. This class of drugs inhibits an enzyme in the liver, which is responsible for cholesterol metabolism in the body. Lipitor currently is the most potent per mg of the class. Side effects are usually pretty minimal, but serial testing of liver enzymes is necessary and occasional patients will have marked muscle inflammation, which necessitates stopping the drug. There is a long list of other minor problems.

  • Crestor is a more effective statin in its ability to lower LDL-c than Lipitor. However, Lipitor is the best selling drug in the world. The launch of Crestor will have an effect on the market revenues of all statins including Lipitor.

  • There are many challengers for anticholestrol drugs & this CD ROM gives some of the interesting presentations

About Lipitor
  • Atorvastatin Calcium
  • Detailed Profile of Lipitor
  • Lipitor Tablets
  • Lipitor Headlines
  • Directory of Links on Lipitor

Patent Challenges

  • Filing Patents
  • Patent Ordinance
  • Generic Companies Analysis
  • Counterfeit Medicines - Position Paper
  • Patent Challenges
  • Lipitor - Re examination
  • Litigation 2005
  • Patents Validity

Indian Industry

  • Role by Generic Companies in India
  • Competition on Lipitor by an Indian generic-drug maker
  • Company Profile
  • Indian Pharmaceutical Industry - Brief Survey
  • Top Technology Company Report
  • Value added Tax
  • Top Selling Drugs
  • Generic drugs
  • Lipobay & Lipitor
  • Crestor & Lipitor
  • Consumer Medicine Information - Lipitor
  • Irish Market - Lipitor
  • Report of the Company that is Challenged
  • What do people talk about Lipitor
  • Products in the Market Place

Information Sources

  • Current Patent Gazette
  • Patents and Prescription Drugs
  • Company Newsletter
  • More News
  • Read Latest News on Lipitor
  • Research Papers
  • Reference Books
  • Lipitor Cholesterol
  • Lipitor News Source
  • Market Research

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