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Project Information @ a Glance
  • Lycopene is a member of the carotenoid family
  • Tomatoes are given their red colour by this pigment called lycopene.
  • Other fruits such as watermelon, guava and pink grapefruit also contain lycopene but in nowhere near the same concentration as tomatoes
  • Antioxidants scavenge or quench unstable molecules called free radicals which are involved in the destruction of healthy body cells and have been linked to every degenerative disease known to man including cancer, arthritis, heart disease, cataracts, skin wrinkling and even the ageing process itself.
  • The antioxidant capabilities of lycopene have been found to be double that of betacarotene, which was regarded as an antioxidant without peer.
  • Lycopene is also the best quencher of a particular type of destructive free radical called singlet-oxygen1
  • Researchers at Universities have produced tomato extract with supercritical CO2 leaving a concentrated mixture of several carotenoids, including lycopene.
  • Removing pure lycopene from the mixture requires the additional step of chromatography.
  • The highest yields came from a pressure of 5,000 pounds per square inch, a temperature of 55įC, and a solvent thatís 90% CO2 and 10% ethanol.
  • A carotenoid biosynthesis process for industrial use (lycopene, beta-carotene, astaxanthin and canthaxanthin) uses photosynthetic bacteria with very good growth and synthesis capacities.
  • There are many technology Offers & Consultancy support Services available
General Information
  • About Lycopene
  • Monograph
  • Facts about Lycopene
  • Diet & Health
  • Lycopene Content
  • Tomato
  • FAQ
  • Cartonoids

Synthesis, Technology & Equipments

  • Recent advances in industrial carotenoid synthesis
  • Production of carotenoids by recombinant DNA technology
  • Regulation of carotenoid synthesis and accumulation in plants
  • Recent advances in the synthesis of achiral carotenoids
  • Induced b-Carotene Synthesis Driven by Triacylglycerol
    Deposition in the Unicellular Alga Dunaliella bardawil

 Technology Offer

  • A new process for producing carotenoids
  • Research Project
  • Lycopene extract know-how
  • Lycopene-Extraction Method Could Find Use For Tons Of Discarded Tomatoes
  • Technology Source
  • Technology Support Project
  • Technology Company
  • Technology Sourcing Agents
  • Consultants
  • Technology Sources in Canada
  • Project Machinery Supplier
  • India Laboratories
  • Comany Annual Report
  • Novel method for the extraction of lycopene fom tomatoes, tomato-related products and tomato-waste
  • Multinational Company
  • Company Presentation
  • Study by MNC
  • Product Catalogue
  • Researcher
  • Canadian Research team

Supercritical Technology

  • Technology of Supercritical Fluids
  • Company Profile
  • Lycopene and dietetic fibre extraction from tomato wastes using supercritical fluids technology
  • Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Indian Company Products
  • Malaysian Company Products
  • Nutritional Products
  • Orissa based Company 
  • Laboratory Report
  • Synthetic Lycopene
  • Israel Company
  • Delhi Supplier
Market Details
  • Novel food ingredient status
  • Lycopene gets go-ahead from UK for food use
  • Distributors
  • Exporters
  • An Ounce of Prevention from a Ton of Tomatoes
Information Sources
  • Determination of lycopene by high-performance liquid chromatography.
  • Osteoporosis
  • Carotene and Lycopene in Rose Hips and Other Fruits
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Lycopene from tomato
  • Newsletter
  • Colours from Nature
  • Denmark Company
  • Watermelon Packs a Powerful Lycopene Punch
  • Health Claim Petition
  • FDA postpones decision on lycopene-cancer health claim
  • Breast Cancer
  • Reference Library

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