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  • SYNONYMS : 2-Propen-1-amine; 3-Aminopropylene; 3-Aminopropene; Monoallylamine; 2-Propenamine; 3-Amino-1-propene;
  • .Allyl Chloride is treated with Ammonia in order to produce this substance. This treatment is followed by the process of distillation. Pure samples are synthesized by the Hydrolysis of Allyl Isothiocyanate. The behavior of this chemical is typical to Amines.
  • Pure allylamine can be prepared by hydrolysis of allyl isothiocyanate, thermal cleavage of allyl dithiocarbamate, hydrolysis of diallyl cyanamide, or ammonolysis of triallylamine. Allylamine may be produced also by electroreduction of acrylonitrile on lead cathodes.
  • The formula of this compound can also be denoted as CH2=CHCH2NH2. There are three Carbon atoms in one molecule of this Amine. Carbon atoms have four valence electrons so it can create four covalent bonds. Two of the three Carbons create a double bond (a bond involving four bonding electrons) between themselves. Five of the total seven Hydrogen atoms create single bonds with Carbons. Nitrogen has three valence electrons and creates a single bond with the last remaining valence of Carbon. The two remaining Hydrogen atoms create bonds with the two other valence electrons of Nitrogen.
  • Allylamine is a useful organic compound and its properties are utilized in industrial as well as medicinal fields. It is one of the most useful chemical solvents used in various industries.
  • Allylamine is used as antifungal medicine for the treatment of skin and scull ringworm. Cream or pills made from this compound are used for this purpose. The creams do not have any side effects; however, the pills may cause headaches and stomach problems. It is also used as a medicine for the skin disease “Athlete’s Foot”. This Amine is used to make antibiotic, diuretic and sedative medicines.
  • It can cause severe eye and skin irritation if comes to direct contact. Accidental inhalation or ingestion can also be harmful. Over exposure to Allylamine may even cause death of the victim. It might have toxic effects on different organs including heart, liver, kidney and central nervous system.
  • There many companies around the world who supply this chemical.
  • Brand names for the Allylamine skin creams and pills include Mentax, Naftin, Lamisil
  • India imported Allylamine about 200 tons during the recent 12 months
  • China is the  largest supplier followed by Germany and USA
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  • Anti fungal product
  • Anti fungal cream
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  • Alkyl addition to Imines
  • Allylamine synthesis
  • Synthesis and Reactivity of Allylic Amines
  • Process for the production of Allylamine Polymer - American Patent
  • Process for the preparation of Poylallylamine - European Patent specification
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