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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Cattle Feed Primarily consists of cattle feed and poultry feed segments
  • The right nutrition including protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins is key to increase milk yield
  • Compounded Cattle Feed products, particularly the branded ones is fast gaining popularity India, including in rural areas.
  • The major drivers for the growing demand for cattle feed are the factors like (i) shrinkage of open land for cattle grazing, urbanization and resultant shortage of conventionally used cattle
    feeds, and (ii) introduction of high yield cattle requires specialized feeds.
  • Increasing prices of raw materials is one of the major challenges for the
  • According to Consultants, the cattle feed market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 2.7% from 2015 to 2020 and reach a projected value of USD 72.12 Billion by 2020. The cattle feed additives
    market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.9% from 2015 to 2020, to reach USD 2.72 Billion by 2020.
  • Asia Pacific is the largest market for cattle feed and feed additives market
    attributed to the large share of cattle population in this region. It is followed by
    North America and Europe
  • India exported cattle feed worth USD 5,028,228 with total quantity of 15,206,773. Pakistan is the largest
    buyer of cattle feed accounting for exports worth USD 2,708,535 followed by Germany and Belgium which
    imported cattle feed worth USD 879,510 and USD 575,494 respectively.

Basic Information

  • Cattle feed manufacturing
  • Project brief
  • Cattle feed plant
  • By pass protein
  • Cattle and buffalo Breeds of India
Raw material scenario
  • Demand and
    Supply of Pearl Millet Grain - India
  • Feed Ingredients
  • Managing the flow of raw materials

Company Information

  • Company with 20% Indian cattle feed Market share
  • Company performance analyzed
  • Leading player in the
    Kerala cattle feed market.

India Market Scenario

  • Conservation of indigenous breeds of Cattle and Buffalo
  • The Cattle Feed (Regulation of Manufacture and Sale) Order
  • Cattle Feed Order
  • Quality Manual
  • Raw material purchase plan
  • Prospects in Kerala
  • Kerala Market
  • Purchasing pattern in Kerala

Consultants - Markets

  • Consultant in Pune
  • Consultant - USA
  • World Market research reports
  • International Feed Association


Buyers - Tenders
  • Cattle feed ingredients & packing materials
  • Purchase by Military
  • Tender Form
  • Rate Contract offer
  • Links to Buyers
  • Feed Plant tender
  • Assam Government purchase
Cattle Farms - Feed Buyers
  • Cattle Breeding Farms in India
  • Cattle Farms - USA
  • Breeding Farm

Exports & Imports

  • Recent Exports from India - analysis
  • Export data
  • Import Duty
  • Imports into India - analysis
  • Import data

World Market Scenario

  • Cattle Feeding Spreads
  • Cattle feed Industry in Europe
  • Development of China’s Feed Industry and Demand for Imported Commodities
  • Laos beef cattle industry
  • Canada Cattle on feed
  • Cattle feed suppliers in India
  • Opportunities in Indonesia
  • Research based feed development venture
  • United States Cattle on Feed
  • USA Cattle on feed
  • USA Report

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