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Trade profile@ a glance

Contents on the CD ROM

  • The main function of a candle is to provide light and heat and, more recently, scent.
  • Nevertheless, in the International market, candles are no longer just a functional item but have become a decorative home accessory in their own right, influenced by trends in home decoration.
  • Besides appearance, scent has also gained in importance. Candles can enhance the atmosphere of a room, changing both the decoration and the scent of the room.
  • Good candle has impeccable burning
    characteristics: A bright, calm flame, Ideal wick curvature, No carbon blackening in the home from candles burning,
    No dripping, Adherence to the burning time, Minimum wax remainder
  • Visiting and, more importantly, participating in trade fairs is highly
    recommended as one of the most efficient methods for testing market receptivity, obtaining market information and finding prospective business partners
  • The candle market is segmented into low, mid and high segments
  • Exporters should
    focus on design, branding, material use and handmade candles, to differentiate their products from others on the
    International market.
  • The Quality Candle
  • Handbook for exports & Imports
  • Foreign Trade Policy
  • Export Marketing

India: Imports & Exports

  • Export Data - Two years
  • Analysis of Exports
  • Analysis of Imports of palm wax candles
  • Detailed Import Data of palm wax candles

Candle Industry

  • Market Analysis
  • Selling and Marketing Candles
  • Safety Guidelines
  • Candle Flames
  • The safety and use of Tealights and candles
  • Candle Science
  • Success Story
  • Consultant Market Reports

Finding Buyers for Candles

  • Exports & Distribution Contacts
  • Distributor - Australia
  • International Broker
  • Candle Buyers
  • Trade Leads - Buyers
  • Export Information provider
  • Whole Sale
World Trade Scenario
  • Export of candles from the European Union
  • Consumption of candles in the European Union
  • Consumption of candles per head in the European Union
  • Import of candles to the European Union
  • Production of candles in the European Union

Trading Strategy
  • The European market for candles
  • Channels & Segments - Home decoration
  • Code of Practice for trading partner
  • Guidelines for Container Candles
  • Handicrafts Market in France
  • Returns & Exchanges
Trade Associations
  • Candles from China
  • Quality Mark
  • The anti-dumping duties on imports from China
  • Emission of Particulates from Candles
  • Dumping Investigations
  • Industry Position Paper

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