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  • Medicinal plants (crude drugs) have a wide array of applications in Japan including medicine, food, cosmetics, insect repellent, colouring, fragrance, bath products, etc.
  • 97% of the 150 most frequently used crude drugs in Japan for medicine and food in 2002 relied on importation
  • In Japan, traditional medicines are classified into two broad groups: kampo medicine and traditional medicine indigenous to Japan
  •  The Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in
    Japan does not distinguish between traditional and allopathic medicines; both types of preparations are subject to the same regulations.
  • Kampo medicines are products prepared for use in accordance with kampo medicine formulae , which, according to the principles set out by the Central Pharmaceutical Affairs Council, are formulae described in established books on kampo medicine currently and frequently used in Japan
  • China, the world's largest producer of crude drugs, supplies 80% of the crude drugs used in Japan. With Chinese crude drugs prices expected to log double-digit increases over the coming years, Japanese drug makers are increasingly desperate to find new sources.
  • Japan's herbal medicine market was worth about 140 billion yen ($1.28 billion) in fiscal 2013
  • Crude drugs must meet The Japanese Pharmacopoeia criteria to qualify as


Crude Drugs

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  • Japan's drug makers look beyond China for Chinese medicine

Japanese Industry Scenario

  • Japanese Medicinal Plants Industry
  • Japan in the Asian Market for Natural & Organic Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical Administration and
    Regulations in Japan
  • Plant Factories Market in Japan
  • Crude drug formulations
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  • Guidebook for Export to Japan - Cosmetics
  • Drugs - Classifications

Technology Information

  • Manufacturing Process & Quality Control
  • Crude Drug Test Standard
  • Quality control of herbal medicines in Japan
  • Testing Methods

Global Market Information

  • Medicinal Plant and Extracts report
  • Legal Status of Traditional Medicines
  • Natural Ingredients for European Union Pharmaceuticals and for the Food Industry

Global Companies

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Japanese Companies -Crude drugs

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Crude Drug Consumers -Japan

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