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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Precipitated Silica is a relatively pure form of the mineral silica, which is produced by the chemical process known as precipitation
  • Precipitated silica is a white, anhydrous, powdered or granular material. Manufacturers can prepare precipitated silica in a number of ways depending on its intended use by the customer by tweaking operating conditions. It is made in three main grades, i.e., powder, micro-pearl and granule. These differ only in physical characteristics, such as bulk density and particle size and shape.
  • Precipitated silica is an essential raw material in the rubber industry (70%), silicone rubber industry (9%), paint industry (7%), pharmaceutical industry (6%), food industry (6%) and other industrial products (2%).
  • The fastest growing market for precipitated silica is the tyres industry. It is being used increasingly in tyres in Europe, the US and Asia. Footwear is the other sector that promises excellent growth in consumption in the Asia pacific region
  • Recently, India imported precipitated silica worth USD 3,628,615 with total quantity of 2,613,100. China is the largest supplier of precipitated silica accounting for imports worth USD 1,436,263 followed by Germany and South Korea which exported precipitated silica worth USD 1,428,180 and USD 485,240 respectively.
Basic Information
  • India Industry - Scope for precipitated silica - 2003
  • Processing Additives for Silica compounding
  • Silica reinforced Natural rubber for Tires
  • Specification for Precipitated Silica for Rubber Industry
  • Rubber Grade Specification
Companies Presentations
  • Highly Dispersible Silica  for tires
  • Performance Based Silica
    for Diverse Applications
  • Suggestive Applications
  • Diverse application
  • Applications in Tires & Rubber products
  • Precipitated Silicas for
    the Rubber Industry
  • Filler systems for tires
  • Silica Fillers
  • Silica Fillers
Industry Reports
  • Precipitated silica - Industry Profile
  • Environment Impact
  • Request for Project Feasibility
  • Advanced Truck And Bus Radial Materials For Fuel Efficiency
Bulk Consumers/ Buyers
  • Bulk Buyers in India
  • 65 metric tons/year - India
  • Purchase requisition
  • Public Sector - India

Imports & Exports - India

  • Recent Imports
  • Import data Analysis
  • Imports from China
  • Exports from India
  • Export to Bangladesh
Consultants - Market reports for sale
  • Market updates on Precipitated Silica
  • Precipitated Silica Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and
    Forecast 2014 - 2020
  • Tire Industry Fillers 2015 Market Trends and Projections

Market Scenario

  • Silica Reinforced Tyre Rubbers - 2002
  • Car tyres get greener
  • Suppliers in India
  • Market Drivers for Commercial Recovery of Products from
    Geothermal Fluids
  • Silica Fillers suppliers
  • Tire shipments - USA

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