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  • Salt Crystal Products are manufactured from rock salts which includes salt lamps, salt soaps, salt candle stands and salt tiles.
  • General texture of Rock Salt is transparent, white, pink, reddish to beef color red.
  • A Salt Lamp is a mined salt that has been hollowed out to allow room for a light bulb and it glows through the medium of salt crystal which can range in color from a dark pink to pale orange.
  • Machinery required are simple cutter, lathe machines, grinders , blowers and drill machines.
  • Salt Lamps are highly used for massage therapy, in mediation rooms, home.
  • Salt Candle Holders are a large solid crystal, which has been drilled to hold a candle or is crushed to lay in a bowl with candle set.
  • Salt Soap is one of the natural soap seem to be  trend nowadays.
  • Salt lick which is supplements for livestock, horses, cattle and all pet animals.
  • Total investment required to implement salt products production line including plant, machinery and furniture which cost upto 19 Lakhs.
  • Main reasons to use salt products is that it releasing negative ions into the air gives out fresh feeling & some reports says that asthma sufferers is easier to breathe with salt crystal around.


  • Salt Products.
  • Salt Crystal Lamps and candle holders.
  • Light from the interior of the Earth.
  • Types of Salt Products.

Salt Lamp

  • Salt Lamp by Salt Crystals.
  • Crystal Salt Lamps.
  • Summary about Salt Lamps.
  • Salt Crystal Lamps: Medicine for our Home.
  • Different shapes of Salt Lamps.
  • Crystal Salt Lamps freshen and ionize air.

Salt Soap

  • Salt Soap.
  • Benefits of Salt Soap.
  • Salt Soaps Collection.


  • Glow Salt Products.
  • List of Salt Lamps and Candle Holders.
  • Salt Products List.
  • Natural Rock Salt Lamps.
  • Natural Salt Products.
  • Product list of Rock Salt.
  • Crystal Salts.


  • Business Opportunity-Salt Products.
  • Salt Products.
  • Salt Lamp Base Fixing.
  • Salt Lamp Benefits.
  • Trading company of Salt Products.
  • Salt lick product for animal.


  • Creation Process of Salt Lamp.
  • Making Rock Salt Lamps.
  • Salt Lick Making Machine.

Company Profile

  • Company from UK.
  • Company from USA.
  • Company1 from Pakistan.
  • Company2 from Pakistan.
  • Company3 from Pakistan.
  • Company4 from Pakistan.
  • Company from Karachi.


  • Consultancy from Australia.
  • Consultancy from Pakistan.


  • Supplier from Haryana.
  • Trading from Pakistan.


  • Metal Halide Lamp Comprising an ionizable salt filling.
  • Sea Salt Soap.
  • Discharge lamp with optimized salt filling.


  • Determination of Lead in Mexican Candy and Flavored Salt Products.
  • Himalayan USB Salt Lamps.
  • Salt Crystal Lamps.

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