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Project, Trade Technology Information - Contents on CD ROM

Information profile @ a Glance
  • T-Shirt manufacture involves shirt style, printing methods, sampling, promotions, websites, markets, wholesaling & retailing
  • T-shirts are used by Younger generation and elderly alike, companies, politicians, organizations, schools, individuals and designers to convey some message
  • Marketing is the toughest part of this kind of Business
  • Customers expect most creative products at the cheapest possible price
  • The Business can be started at very modest small scale to big business to export different parts of the world
  • The business goal should be to provide high quality t-shirts to individuals and businesses while concurrently developing a line of proprietary t-shirts for distribution to the general public
  • One can start small and grow big if one understands this line of Business activity


Basic Information

  • Business Models

  • Steps in starting the Business

Companies & Products

  • Company & products

  • Factory Profile

  • Company performance

  • Printed T-Shirt

  • White T-Shirts

Technology Information

  • Designing steps

  • Garment Development Process

  • Case Study - T-Shirt company

  • T-Shirt Yarn

Plant & Machinery sources

  • Production line suppliers

  • T-Shirt Folding Machine

Project Information

  • Manufacturing Knitted garments
  • Starting T-Shirt Business
  • Small scale project
  • Commercial production - sample project profile
  • Business Plan - sample
  • Project Contacts - copy rights, IPR, Trade Mark , Brand registrations
Market Scenario
  • World Market
  • T-Shirt & Copy Rights
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Design Rights, Trade Marks, Copyright and Licensing
  • Licensing in Fashion Industry
  • Trade Mark
  • Business of Creativity
  • Export Guide for Textiles and Apparel
  • Exporting to Europe
  • T-Shirt Printing
  • T-Shirt design printers
  • Big T-Shirt

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