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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Wallpapers can be printed with water or solvent based
    inks. They could be part printed on one print process and then transferred to any one, or more, of the other available processes. The paper grade also affects colour and so plays its own part.
  • Almost all wallpaper companies produce easy-hang “nonwoven” wall coverings, which are easy to hang and remove
  • Because of new digital printing technologies, wallpaper companies now offer detailed murals that no one ever tires of viewing.
  • One of the hottest trends in decorating: Wallpaper -
    hung on one “feature” wall - that takes on the look of artwork.
  • Global value of printed wall coverings/laminates/decor $1.6Bn in 2009

Basic Information

  • Surface Decoration to
    Traditional and Digital Wallpaper


  • Signature Prints

  • Beautiful Designs

  • Companies & products

  • Wall Paper Coatings

  • Hand Made

  • Prime designs

  • Pre-pasted-wallpaper

  • Print Directly

Market Scenario

  • Company Performance
  • Environment solutions
  • Creative Industry
  • To Hang
  • Consultant - Market Reports

Project Information

  • Design Studio
  • A guide to wallpaper
  • Materials & Methods
  • Printing Machine
  • Printing Materials & supplies
  • Choice of adhesives
  • Wall Paper Printing Machinery suppliers
  • Printing Machinery
  • Eco solvent printer

Technology Information

  • Design & Technology
  • Specification
  • Creating repeats for wallpaper manufacture
  • PVC Free Wall Paper
  • Digital Printing Techniques
  • Packaging solutions
  • Wall Paper Bobs
  • Expandable micro spheres in inks
  • Warping wall paper technology

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