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  • India is one of the important suppliers of handicrafts to the world market. The Indian handicrafts industry is highly labour intensive cottage based industry and decentralized, being spread all over the country in rural and urban areas. 
  • EU member states and Asian countries, China and India in particular, are major suppliers of giftware and handicrafts to the German market.
  • Handicraft Industry has been globally considered, as the rich heritage of India. This is why Indian Handicraft is in huge demand all over the world due to its unique appeal and craftsmanship. Indian Handicrafts are available in brass, metal, wood, stone, beads, such as Paintings, Notebooks & Albums, Marble Inlay Work, Furnishing, Sculpture, Artificial Jewelry and other handicraft products.
  • The wooden handicrafts industry plays an important role in the Indian economy. This industry requires low capital investment and other resources. The wooden handicraft sector provides a high ratio of value addition, and has emerged as one of the major sources of foreign exchange earnings for India.
  • Carpet weaving industry is the largest export oriented craft industry from India. Not only there is a great demand for costly silk carpets from Kashmir, which has become the status symbol in traditional Indian homes, but there is also demand for woolen and non-woolen carpets.
  • The demand for decorative items such as traditional wall hangings, silver cutlery, brass pots, embellished wooden sculptures, marble and wood inlay work, silk carpets, wrought iron furniture and decorative pieces, traditional paintings, enameled furniture, stone and wood carvings, metal, wood and stone sculptures etc. is also on the rise in India and abroad. 
  • The world market for handicrafts is in a state of transition. The growing influx of look-alike, low-cost, fully or partly mechanized crafts and decorative products from countries such as China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, has penetrated and thereby affected the market for traditional hand crafted products.
  • In the world market for crafts and decorative items, the top fifteen importers including countries like USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and Hong Kong account for approximately 86% of the world imports.
  • USA is the largest importer of leather goods especially the lower to mid-market category being imported in large volumes from countries like China, Hong Kong and other developing Asian countries were as relatively lesser volumes of high-end leather goods being imported from countries like Italy, France and other eastern European countries.
Leading Manufacturers And Exporters in India
  • Ideas Afresh Inc.
  • India Expo Handicrafts
  • LGW Limited
  • Quality Products of India
  • Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair
  • Craft India International
  • Parijat Marketing Services

Supplier Database

  • Bone and Shell Handicrafts
  • Handicrafts Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Bone Handicrafts Suppliers
  • Companies dealing in Decorative Handicraft
  • Handicraft Items Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Indian Handicrafts Suppliers Directory
  • Jute Handicrafts Manufacturers & Exporters
  • Foreign Bamboo Handicraft
  • Members Directory
  • Handicrafts Products 
  • Marble Handicraft Manufacturers
  • Manufacturer Exporters- Handicrafts
  • Exporters of Rosewood Handicrafts
  • Marble and Stone Artifacts & Handicrafts Manufacturers Suppliers
  • Boom Buying
  • Raun Harman Exports
  • Ngoc Dong Ha Nam  
  • Ethnic India
  • Decent Lites
  • Art Mahal
  • Holy Land Handicraft
  • Sunrays
  • Gnet Handicraft
  • Sajja Crafts

Buyer Database

  • Brass Handicrafts  Foreign Buyers
  • Handicrafts Foreign Buyers
  • Wooden Handicrafts  Foreign Buyers
  • Foreign Importers & Buyers
  • Buyers Directory
  • Handicrafts Importers
  • Indian Importers
  • Indian Handicrafts Buyers
  • Indian Importers & Buyers

Finance And Investment

  • Economic Forum Woman and Investment Opened
  • Investment Climate for Handicrafts Production in Orissa
  • Uttaranchal- Investment Opportunities
  • The Handicrafts Sector
  • National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development
Business Plan and Packaging
  • Handicraft Sector Design and Business Development Manual
  • Procedure for starting up an handicraft business
  • Shipping and Terms
  • Indian Government Wood Packaging Import Restrictions
Domestic Marketing Outlets
  • Rural enterprise development in Bhutan
  • Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)
  • Market Linkage for Domestic Markets
  • Handicraft Schemes
  • Handicraft Services- Culture, Skill
  • Potential of Indian States
  • Associations Assisting Artisans

Market and Government Support

  • Overview of handicrafts and e-commerce
  • Traditional Crafts of Timor Leste: A Marketing Overview
  • Country Study
  • Export Promotion, Marketing Support & Services
  • Handlooms and Handicrafts
  • Government Incentives
  • Incentives for Marketing Support
  • The Ministry of Textiles

Marketing Strategies

  • Handicraft Marketing
  • An Introduction to Copyright and Related Rights for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  • Marketing Crafts and Visual Arts: The Role of Intellectual Property
  • An Introduction to Industrial Designs for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  • An Introduction to Trademarks for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  • Market and Skill Development
  • Development & Marketing  Of Handicrafts
  • Handicrafts market
  • A survey of the market for Handicraft in Denmark


  • Electronic Marketing Handicrafts
  • Support of Panama’s handicrafts marketing industry
  • Income-Generating Handicraft Projects
  • Support for Marketing of Handicrafts
  • WPA Milwaukee Handicraft Project
  • Integrated International Marketing Project for Promotion of Indian Handicrafts


  • Annual Report 2005-06
  • Market Feasibility Study and Business Development Plan For the Handicrafts Sector
  • Status Study Of Tribal Handicraft
  • Ministry of Textiles - Annual Report 00-01
  • Retailing Crafts- A Selling Proposition
  • Handicrafts Prepared from Water Hyacinth
  • Export Promotion Council For Handicrafts

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