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  • The prefix “eco,” meaning habitat or environment, comes from “ecology,” the branch of science concerned with the interrelationships between organisms and their environments. 'Eco' covers all kinds of environmental innovations from energy and water savers and chemical free cleaning, to recycled glass and good quality products that use and promote better ecological solutions and materials.
  • Eco-innovation is a term used to describe products and processes that contribute to sustainable development. It is often used to describe a range of related ideas, from environmentally friendly technological advances to socially-acceptable innovative paths towards sustainability.
  • Eco-innovation is closely linked to a variety of related terms. It is often used interchangeably with 'environmental innovation', and is also often linked with 'environmental technology', 'eco-efficiency', 'eco-design', 'environmental design' and 'sustainable design'.
  • Eco-materials encompass one or more of the following six factors: avoiding and/or reducing the use of nonrenewable or scarce resources, enhancing the material closed loop by recycling and reusing waste, increasing resource efficiency including that of energy and materials, using more durable materials with fewer maintenance requirements, promoting the use of renewable resources and energy and minimizing adverse impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • The three perspectives for categorizing eco products are: environmental load, environmental performance index and life cycle stage. Based on the major product categories, eco-components can be classified into seven groups: construction components, electrical and electronic components, semiconductor manufacturing devices, machine parts, automobile parts, packaging, and others.
  • Eco-products are made from improved raw materials, including recycled or biomass materials. In addition, during the production process, minimal energy and water resources are used with less waste and fewer pollutants.
  • The use of eco-products can lead to energy and water savings, minimal emissions, and reduced waste and subsequent need for waste treatment. Eco-products are also designed to ensure the ability to recycle and recover materials and components.
  • Eco-services are defined as those designed to shift traditional business from designing and selling products as physical objects into designing and selling product or service functions to meet the needs of customers. This new business is based on the life-cycle concept to ensure consideration of environmental issues. 
  • Eco Products and Eco Symbol
  • Sample of Eco products
  • Eco Products and Technologies
  • Eco-innovation
Company Profiles
  • Crompton Greaves
  • Elpida Memory
  • Huayan Eco-friendly Material Company
  • Yukita Electric Wire
  • Toshiba Tec Corporation
  • Hyundai Motor Company
  • IMEX Co
  • Kawamura Electric
  • LG Electronics
  • LUMAX Industries
  • Shiv Hari Plywood  
International Fair and Eco Products Institute
  • Thailand hosts Eco-products International Fair 2005

  • Eco-products International Fair 2006
  • Fair Trade Forum India
  • Eco- Products Tohoku 2007
  • CERC in International Seminar Held in Manila 

  • Korea Eco-Products Institute
  • Biodegradable Products Institute
  • Ecodesign Company
  • Success Story and Case Study of Companies 
  • Eco Design in Packaging Manufacturing Industry in Uganda
  • Gain a Competitive Edge in a Volatile Industry

  • Climate Leaders Success Stories
  • Global Manufacturer Achieves Dramatic Reduction in Costs and ECO Cycle Time

  • Customer Success Story
  • Sustainable Business Success Stories
  • Incisive Xtreme Server Helps Speed the Completion of Breakthrough Processor Technology
  • Eco-Efficiency Centre Success Story
  • LCA Consultants
  • Green Marketing Corner
  • eco3
  • J. Ottman Consulting Inc
  • Gary Parker
  • Environmental Resource Center
  • Industrial Research Institute
  • Automobile Consultants
  • NS Chemical & Consultants Pvt Ltd
  • NKP Engineers & IPRs Consultants
Market and Report
  • Expanding Eco Products
  • Eco-Products in Demand, but Labels Can be Murky
  • Development and provision of environmentally friendly products and services
  • Japan's Eco Market Takes Root
  • Market Share Survey of Eco Mark Certified Products
  • Hong Kong Eco-Products Award 2006
  • Eco Products Directory 2006
  • Environmental Report: Eco-Products
  • Engineered Wood Products
  • Toyota Company Report
  • LG Company Report
Eco Products Suppliers and Distributors
  • Scooter China Suppliers
  • Automobile product Suppliers
  • Chemical Suppliers
  • Suppliers of Building Products
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers of Door & Windows
  • Heaters Suppliers
  • Exporters of Home Appliances
  • Lamps & Lampshades Trade Leads
  • Exporters of Electric Home Appliances
  • Electrical & Electronic Items Suppliers
  • Equipments Suppliers
  • Fabric Products Suppliers
  • Fertilizer Suppliers
  • Trade Leads of Furniture
  • Housing Kit Exporters
  • Household Consumables & Home Supplies
  • Jute Promotional Bags Manufacturers & Exporter
  • Suppliers of Lighting Products &
    Natural Lighting
  • Handmade Paper Products Suppliers
  • Plastic Products Suppliers
  • Advanced Eco Products
  • ECO Duct Products Inc

Buyers of Eco Products

  • Automobiles Buyers List
  • Building Products Buyers
  • Chemical Buyers
  • Computer Parts Buyers
  • Electrical & Electronic Items Buyers
  • Equipment Buyers
  • Fabric Product Buyers
  • Fertilizer Buyers
  • Importers of Furniture
  • Importers of Household Consumables & Home Supplies
  • Jute and Paper Products Buyers List
  • Plastic Products Buyers
  • Wood Products Buyers

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