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  • Methabenzthiazuron is dissolved in or extracted with eluent and determined by normal phase HPLC on a silica gel column with UV detection at 254 nm and external standardisation.
  • A microwave-assisted solvent extraction (MASE) method for the determination of methabenzthiazuron (MBT) in soil samples by HPLC-DAD
    (diode array detection) was evaluated.
  • MBT is slowly degraded both in the laboratory and in the field (2–5), stability being attributed to its rapid binding to the soil colloidal complex and more specifically through the incorporation into relatively stable humus components (i.e., humic acids and humins) as nonextractable bound residues.
  • Methabenzthiazuron belongs to the group of urea herbicide, which is used to control a broad spectrum of broad-leaved weeds and grasses in winter corn, spring wheat, grass seed and in nurseries. Methabenzthiazuron inhibits the photosynthetic electron transport. It is a selective herbicide that is primarily absorbed through the roots. Herbicide formulations containing methabenzthiazuron have not previously been selected for authority control.
  • Methabenzthiazuron is used for the control of a spectrum of broad-leaved weeds and grasses in cereals, legumes, maize, garlic and onions. It is used in combination with other herbicides in vineyards and orchards.
  • Metabolism of methabenzthiazuron in rat involved hydroxylation of the side-chain methyl and ring hydroxylation followed by sulfate ester conjugation.
  • MZ-PBM-columns are especially developed for the separation of nitrogen-containing analytes like typical pesticides and herbicides including methabenzthiazuron. MZ-Analysentechnik has developed a specialized HPLC-column for the analytics of pesticides and herbicides, which fully meets the requirements of today’s environmental analytics.
  • The power of Ultraperformance light chromatography combined with fast MS aquisition rates to give a rapid method for the screening and confirmation of over 400 pesticide residues including methabenzthiazuron in food.
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  • Methabenzthiazuron
  • About Methabenzthiazuron
  • Methabenzthiazuron Chemical Information
  • Methabenzthiazuron data sheet

Company Profile

  • Company from New York
  • Company from Singapore
  • Company from India


  • Adsorption of Methabenzthiazuron on six allophanic soils: Effect of organic matter amendments
  • Microwave-assisted solvent extraction of the herbicide
    methabenzthiazuron from soils and some soil natural organic
    and inorganic constituents. Influence of environmental factors
    on its extractability
  • Simultaneous Determination of Ethidimuron, Methabenzthiazuron, and Their Two Major Degradation
    Products in Soil
  • Economic implications of pree and post-emergance weed control methods in lentil
  • Influence of dry-wet cycles on the water-extractability of aged 14C-pesticide residues in soils
  • Metabolism of Herbicides and other chemicals in human cytochrome p450 species and in transgenic potato plants co-expressing human cyp1a1, cyp2b6 and cyp2c19

Application & Technology

  • Yield and Yield Components of Mungbean as Affected by
    Various Weed Control Methods under Rain-fed Conditions of
  • Analytics of Herbicides and Pesticides
  • A Rapid method for the screening and confirmation of over 400 pesticide residues in food
  • Thin-layer chromatography of pesticides - A review of applications


  • Chemical and Agronomical Weed Control in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L. cv. Aziziye-94)
  • The correlation between the malignant proliferation on
    cholangiocarcinoma cell lines and in bile from Helicobacter pylori infected patients with biliary tract
  • Perpest model, a case based reasoning approach to predict ecological risks of pesticides
  • Consultant from India
  • Consultant from Ohio
  • Consultant from USA
  • Gardening Consultant


  • Deuce WDG
  • Fluka
  • Juggler700
  • Tribunil® Herbicide Spray
  • TrumpTM


  • Synergistic herbicidal composition comprising N-(butoxymethyl)-6'-tert-butyl-2-chloro-o-acetotoluidide and methabenzthiazuron
  • Herbicidal agents based on heteroaryloxyacetamides and metribuzin
  • Synergistically active herbicidal mixtures

Standard Regulation

  • Examination and possible final opinion on a draft Commission Regulation amending Annexes II and III to Regulation (EC) No 396/2005 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards maximum residue levels.
  • Commentary of water quality
  • Standard for methabenzthiazuron active constituent


  • Concerning the non-inclusion of methabenzthiazuron in Annex I to Council Directive 91/414/EEC and the withdrawal of authorisations for plant protection products containing this active substance
  • Control of Pesticides
  • Report on preparation of electronic database for biodegradation in soil


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