Nitrogen From Organic Wastes
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  • Organic Wastes are also known as organic material and  natural organic matter.
  • It is composed of organic compounds that has come from living organisms such as plants and animals and their waste products in the environment.
  • The excrete organic materials such as faeces into soils, shed body parts such as leaves and roots and after the the organism dies, its body begins to decompose, broken down broken down by bacterial and fungal action.
  • Organic Wastes are  present throughout the ecosystem
  • Organic matter acts as a buffer when in aqueous solution  to maintain a less acidic pH in the environment.
  • The buffer acting component to be crucial for neutralizing acid rain.
  • The organic wastes in soil derives from plants and animals.
  • In forest leaf litter and woody material falls to the forest floor.
  • In water organic matter can still bind to metal ions and minerals.
  • The use of biotic materials and processed biotic materials as alternative natural materials, over synthetics is popular.
  • Those  materials  are environmentally conscious because such materials are usually biodegradable, renewable, and the processing is commonly understood and has minimal environmental impact.
  • Some Special organic industrial byproducts are farmyard manure, poultry manure, pig and cattle slurries, sewage sludge's, compost   and mixture of these products.
  • This products are derived from living processes.
  • The organic wastes are giving nitrogens  for Agriculture at Lower transportation and storage costs.
  • It will be easy discharge or
    reuse from treated water
  • In Agriculture field soil application represents, in fact, an elective outlet for animal manure and other organic wastes and allows their organic matter and nutrient content to be used to supply crop needs and maintain soil fertility.
  • Research on organic materials, particularly animal wastes, was popular previous to the availability of inexpensive inorganic N fertilizers.
  • In India the organic waste generation is 27.3 million tons /year, this is high production when compare to all other country in India.
  • The Gross domestic product per  Capita in Middle-Income Countries are $5,000-$15,000  /year.


  • Guidelines for the utilization of biosolids and other wastes
  • GFA Nitrogen Cycle
  • Nitrogen
  • Organic Solid waste-Information
  • Guide to manage organic wastes
  • Organic waste amendments
    under subtropical conditions.
  • Nitrogen  mineralization and its importance in organic waste recycling


  • Integrated use of Nitrogen fertilizer
  • Nitrogen Recovery from Organic Waste
  • Organic Waste Utilization in Agriculture
  • Organic waste use in Agriculture
  • Use of composted organic wastes
  • Organic Usage


  • Converted Organics
  • Enzyme-Baxel
  • Milorganite
  • Nitrogen Peroxide
  • Diesel Fuel Additive
  • Portable railroad toilet
  • Agricultural bacteria

Products & Market

  • Vinasse And Yeast Waste
  • Price in china


  • Analysis about nitrogen fix
  • Farm wastes & non-agricultural organic wastes-Project report
  • Organic Materials
    as Nitrogen Fertilizers-Fact Sheet
  • Waste organic material-Final report

Manufacturing Process

  • Composting process
  • How to compost your organic waste
  • How to measure Ammonia and Organic Nitrogen
  • Composting of organic wastes for producing high quality organic fertilizers
  • Vermi Composting of Market Waste


  • Renewable energy from organic waste
  • Nitrogen in Water and Biosolids
  • Organic Waste Diversion
  • Life cycle assessment of waste systems

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Suppliers & Machinery
  • Suppliers from US
  • Generators of Nitrogen from China
  • Nitrogen purification system from China
  • Organic waste crusher from China
  • Organic Fertilizer from China
  • Machinery Supplier from Pune

Raw material suppliers

  • Raw materials for composting
  • Source separation and
    composting of organic
    municipal solid waste
  • Recycling Organic waste
  • Organic Materials as Alternative Nutrient Sources

Turnkey Provider

  • Turnkey provider from Europe
  • Turnkey provider from International

Company profiles

  • Company from China
  • Company from India
  • Company from Colorado


  • Organic waste Consultants
  • Consultancy from UK
  • Consultancy from Netherland
  • Organic waste effects on soil
  • Waste Collection and Recycling


  • Study of the Aerobic Bacterial Microbiota
  • Effect on carbon Nitrogen
  • Evaluation of Composted Organic waste
  • Mineralization of nitrogen from organic wastes
  • Nitrogen Transformation in food-waste composting
  • Nitrogen uptake by ryegrass from Organic wastes
  • Sustainable valorisation of
    organic urban wastes


  • Biochemical Humic acid product prepared from kitchen waste
  • Denitrifying organic waste water
  • Hybrid Bioreactor
  • Liquid nitrogen rich organic waste
  • Organic waste bioconversion system
  • Nitrogenous fertilizer composition system
  • Nitrogen fertilizer from organic waste products
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Removing phosphate from organic waste
  • Weak alkaline organic fertilizer from organic waste

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