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Product & Uses
  • What Motivates Consumers to Buy
    Organic Food in the UK?
  • From farm to retail, this segment has shaken off its cranky image to become very fashionable.
  • Nutritional Quality of Organic Versus Conventional Fruits, Vegetables, and Grains
  • Principles of Organic Production at Farm Level - Regulatory Guide Book
  • Challenging new concepts and strategies for organic plant
    breeding and propagation
  • Nutrition Bar Mania
  • Cereal, diet and nutrition bar
  • Organic Banana
  • Current Trends in Organic Tree Fruit Production
  • Organic  Potato Production
  • Soya Power
  • The Wholesome Quest Wholesome foods . consumer demand or marketing hype?
Technology & Consultancy Contacts
  • Consultancy Organizations
  • Information Point
  • Research Institutes
  • Certification - Contact Organizations
  • Guidelines for the Production, Processing, Marketing and
    Labeling of Organically Produced Foods
  • International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements - IFOAM
  • World Directory 2004 of IFOAM Members
  • IFOAM - Annual reports-2000 to 2004
  • IFOAM - program2008
  • Organic Certification Services
Information Resources
  • European Information System for Organic Markets - May 2006
  • Europe Organic Production Data
  • USA Directory of Certified Products - Processors - Certificate Issued
  • Horticulture Plan of India & Organic Farming there of
  • The structure of certification to EUREPGAP Standard for Fruit and Vegetables,
    and the procedures that should be followed in order to obtain and maintain Certification
  • Check list for Organics Regulation - Fruits & Vegetables
  • Control Points & Compliance Criteria Fruit and Vegetables
  • EUREPGAP Protocol for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
  • Regulating the Importation of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables - USA
  • International Harmonization and Equivalence in Organic Agriculture
  • Regulation in U.K.
  • Organics Associations
  • Association Newsletter 2006
  • Food Product Development
  • Phytonutrients
  • Magnesiam
  • Measuring Dietary Fibre
  • Nutrition Led Growth
  • Fibre in Focus
  • Inulin & Oligofructose
Market Research Data
  • South African Organic Market 2006
  • European Market for Organic Food Products - Report 2005
  • Export Opportunities for African Organic Honey and Beeswax - 2006
  • Market Opportunities and Challenges for Indian Organic Products2003
  • Market for Organic Cocoa - November 2003
  • Organic Coffee Market
  • The United States Market for Organic Food and Beverages
  • The Czech Republic Organic Market
  • Organic Takes Root
  • Marketing models: Supermarkets and Direct Supply   
  • Directory of Organic food distributors, wholesalers & importers
  • Directory of Non-Food Organic Products Traders
  • Supermarkets
  • U.K Market update
  • Organic Products of Africa
  • Chilean Organic Supply Chain
  • Analysis of the European market for organic food
  • Organic Cotton: Production and Marketing Trends
  • Organics: Destined to Remain a Niche?
  • Nutraceutical Research
  • Americans Warm to Nutraceuticals
  • Organic Sugar: Short Term Fad or Long Term Growth Opportunity?
  • Herbs - Hope or Hype?
  • The Mineral & Vitamin Market
  • Business Support Services
How to use the CD ROM - Ordering Information
The CD ROM contains relevant information on the subject , need to study the details. The presentations, in most cases contain the contact information to get in touch with and get further clarifications. However there may be additional cost involved in getting further data depending on the sources.
To read the content, there will be need to have Internet Connectivity, Adobe reader,  power point viewer, Internet Explorer, Video & Audio Players etc installed on your system.

The Contents have been found from Freely & publicly available sources which are Not validated by us in anyway. These are meant to serve as starting point for clients research
on the subject. Abundant precautions need to be observed before taking decisions & we are in no way liable for any damages that might result in using the information found in the CD ROM.

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