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  • Aquaculture is among the fastest growing segments of American agriculture and is expanding even more rapidly worldwide. Its growing popularity has stimulated interest among potential growers. The level of participation in aquaculture will depend upon a number of factors, the most important being the availability and nature of the water and land resources.
  • Each aquaculture species has specific biological requirements. Factors such as growth, health, and reproduction are directly influenced by water quality and associated influences of the land and how it is used. Options based on resources may include ornamental, recreational fishing, fee fishing, small- to large- scale commercial production, and integrated aquatic and land farming operations.
  • Ornamental fish comprise two broad categories: live-bearers and egg-layers. Live-bearers include guppies, mollies, platies and swordtails. Egg-layers include almost everything else; the major groups are barbs, tetras, gouramis, danios and cichlids. Live-bearers are grown almost exclusively in outdoor pools.Reproduction methods of egg laying fish includes egg scatterers, egg buriers, egg depositers, mouthbrooders, nest builders.
  • Ornamental fish have traditionally been fed live feed,which is often nutritionally deficient, and can act as the transmitter of diseases (parasitic, bacterial and viral) if it is not stored correctly.
  • When feeding ornamental fish in an aquarium or garden pond, consideration must be given to the differing dietary needs and habits of the different species.An intensive study of the animals and their indigenous biotopes forms the basis for developing optimal feed mixtures.
  • Antibiotics are very useful additions to any fish-health manager's toolbox, but they are only tools and not 'magic bullets.'Antibiotics, in and of themselves, do not cure a fish. Antibiotics merely control the population growth of bacteria in a fish long enough for its immune system to eliminate them.Many antibiotics commonly used for ornamental fish are sold by different companies; therefore, the percent of active ingredient will vary from product to product.
  • Indoor recycling systems offer several advantages over conventional ornamental fish production and holding facilities, including increased energy efficiency. The use of such modern system components as heat pumps and energy-efficient building materials allows producers to minimize energy expenditures.
  • Ornamental fish production for the aquarium industry is a multimillion dollar industry in the United States. Annual sales from Florida alone are estimated at over 175 million dollars in retail value. Because the vast majority of fish varieties sold originate from tropical regions of the world, in the United States, the majority of production is limited to South Florida.
  • California imports a significant number of golden shiners from other states and internally produces about 18-20 million fish annually. Wholesale prices for fish run about $50, $80, and $125 per 1000 for small, medium, and large, respectively. The wholesale price for fathead minnows is about $45 per 1000.
  • Indian Ornamental Fish
  • Water Gardens
  • Reef Fish Aquaculture
  • Grading Ornamental Fish
  • Marine Ornamental Fish

Breeding and Production

  • Ornamental Fish Breeding
  • Fish Feeding
  • Nutrient Requirements of Ornamental Fish
  • Reproduction of Angelfish
  • Production of Serpae Tetra
  • Production of Ornamental Aquarium Fish
  • Enrichment of Artemia in Freshwater Ornamental Fish Production
  • Aquaculture Systems for
    Ornamental Fish Production
  • Harvesting Ornamental Fish From Ponds


  • Development of Transgenic Fish
  • Franchising Ornamental (Aquarium) Fish
  • Ornamental Aquaculture
    Technology Transfer
  • Flake Feed for Aquatic Animals-US Patent
  • Technology Moves Faster Than Regulators


  • Ulcer Disease of Ornamental Fish
  • Importation of Diseases With Ornamental Fish
  • Ichthyophthirius Multifiliis (White Spot) Infections in Fish
  • Diseases of Farmed Goldfish and Koi


  • Management of Ornamental Fish in Australia
  • Management of Hexamita in Ornamental Cichlids
  • Occurrence of Potential Pathogens in Ornamental Fishes
  • Shipping Practices in Ornamental Fish Industry
  • Australian Ornamental Fish Import Risk Management
  • Preparation of Ornamental Fish for Shipping
  • Control External
    Infections of Ornamental Fish
  • Biosecurity and Ornamental Fish Industry
  • Algae Blooms in  Commercial Fish Production Ponds


  • Reproducing Tropical Fish in Tanks
  • Ornamental/Tropical Fish
  • Guidelines For Selecting Ornamental Fish
  • Ornamental Fish Sampling, Data Collection and Analysis of Aquarium Fish Trade
  • Feeding Guidelines
  • Use of Antibiotics in Ornamental Fish Aquaculture
  • Ornamental Fish Farming
  • Producing Catfish
  • Investing in Uganda's Fish and Fish Farming Industry
  • Making Plans for Commercial Aquaculture
  • Ornamental Fish Rearing Project for Lakshadweep
  • Ornamental Fish Hatchery Plan for Lakshadweep
  • Ornamental Aquaculture Production and Management
  • Ornamental Fish Farming Project in Sri Lanka
  • Ornamental Fish Culture
  • Expansion and Diversification of Freshwater Tropical Fish Culture
  • Transitioning Hawaii’s
    Freshwater Ornamental
  • Decade of Project Piaba


  • Ethologist Dr.Tiger
  • Tina Crosby
  • David Sivan
  • Ian Gordon Watson
  • Paul Decker
  • Aquaculture Consultants Directory
  • Directory Of Consultants
  • Aquarium Consultants List
  • Denise Petty
  • Fishery Consultants
  • Ornamental Fish International

Business Plan

  • Gascoyne Inland Aquaculture Group
  • Starting a Business in Aquaculture
  • Ornamental Fish Farming in India


  • Kerala Plans Ornamental Fish Breeding
  • Chinese Live Fish Exports to Europe
  • FAO Aquaculture
  • OATA Associations
  • Ornamental Fish Farming in Jamaica
  • Organization of Ornamental Fish Trade
  • Air Transportation Services
  • Import Conditions Database
  • Thailand's Ornamental Fish Exporters
    Take on Singapore
  • Ornamental Fish Program
  • Indigenous Ornamental Fishes in Assam


  • Marketing Hawaii’s Cultured
    Freshwater Ornamentals
  • Freshwater Ornamental Fish Commonly Cultured in Florida
  • Marine Ornamental Trade in Brazil
  • Ornamental Fish Industry in Western Australia
  • Florida’s Marine Life Industry
  • Ornamental Fish in U.S. and Florida
  • Ornamental Fish Production in Vietnam
  • Marine Aquarium Trade
  • U.S. Tropical Fish Wholesalers Survey
  • Ornamental Fish Sales by Species
  • Ornamental Fish Export
  • Ornamental Fish Market in India
  • Price's Fish Farm
  • Ornamental Fish Market Trends
  • Koi or Carp Profile
  • Ornamental Fish Market
  • TN Plans Breeding Park for Ornamental Fish
  • Small Scale Farmers in California

Suppliers and Exporters

  • Ornamental Fish Supplier Directory
  • Marine Aquarium Suppliers
  • Aquatic World
  • Certified Ornamental Fish Exporters
  • Ornamental Fish Exporter From Indonesia
  • Myanmar Ornamental Fish Exporter
  • Ornamental or Rare Fish Specialist
  • Exporter of Fresh Water Ornamental/ Aquarium Live Fish
  • Exporter of Freshwater Ornamental Aquarium Tropical Fish in Thailand
  • Global Ornamental Fish Exporters
  • Tropical Freshwater Fish Exporter
  • Bangkok Aquarium

Importers or Buyers

  • Ornamental/Tropical Fish Import
  • Ornamental Fish Importers
  • Importers of Marine Ornamental Fish
  • Tropical Fish Importers and Breeders
  • Exporter & Importer of Freshwater Tropical Fishes

Company Profiles

  • KOI Carp
  • United States Aquaculture Organizations
  • Malabar Tropicals
  • Ornamental Fish Farm
  • Agrexco

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