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  • OXSILAN  is a range of Cr-free metal pretreatment products. This technology is based on a series of silanes which exhibit either cross-linking or functional activity in combination to create chemically bonded films on the metal surface, enhancing corrosion resistance and, for organically coated substrates, increasing the bond strength between metal and paint.

  • It was designed to meet the health, safety , environmental and performance requirements of the 21st century. One of the key benefits of the OXSILAN process is its environmental and toxicological profile.

  • OXSILAN  is a registered trade mark of Chemetall GmBH. It is a novel nanoscale metal pretreatment technology. It is free of hazardous metals and provides superior corrosion resistance for a wide range of multi metal substrates.

  • OXSILAN processes are suitable for both wet-on-wet applications as well as drying prior to paint. OXSILAN  allows processing at ambient temperature and hence heating of the bath is not needed.

  • Additional cost savings are realized since activation and passivation are not required. Fewer process steps and shorter treatment time increase plant productivity.


  • An innovative Chrome-free Metal Pretreatment Technology
  • Nontoxic Oxsilan Makes Metal Finishing Safer
  • The Oxsilan Technology
  • Faculty Inventors win National Acclaim
  • Chemetall's new Oxsilan Technology
  • Chemetall Oakite's Non-Chrome Coatings
  • About Silane Polymers
  • Polymeric Silane
  • Silane chemistry


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  • Nonchromate Aluminium Pretreatment project for Aerospace
  • Innovative Pretreatment Technologies for Aluminium and other Metals
  • Advanced Magnesium Technologies and Solutions
  • Bradley Environment Management Team
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  • Corrosion Test of Stainless Steels in Automotive Applications
  • Magnesium - New Horizons
  • Samples of AMTS Technologies
  • Magnesium Technologies
  • Company Overview
  • Automotive Components
  • Surface Treatment Business
  • Quality
  • Chemetall Surface Treatment


  • Third reports on RoHS complaint alternatives to hexavalent chromium for treatment of steel and aluminium
  • Post First Trial Report on RoHS compliant alternatives to Hexavalent Chromium for Steel and Aluminium
  • Examination of Nonchromate Conversion Coatings for Aluminium Armor From Three Final Candidates Using Accelerated Corrosion and Adhesion Test Methods
  • NDCEE Demonstration for Nonchromated Conversion Coatings for Weapon System Rework and Repair
  • Nonchromate Aluminium Pretreatments Phase I Report
  • The Institute of Metal Finishing
  • Processing Equipment Scenario in India in 2005-2006


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