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  • Ozone is a tri-oxygen molecules that acts as powerful disinfecting and deodorizing gas. Due to its strong oxidizing nature ozone is used in various water treatment processes. For industrial applications, ozone generator is used for producing ozone.
  • Ozone generators consist of effective and powerful injectors, static mixers, reaction and filter vessel.
  • Ozone generators are made of qualitative materials and plays vital role in air and water treatment.
  • An ozone generator is basically an electrical machine, which transforms electrical energy into chemical energy and heat.
  • Ozone generators produce ozone with extreme high voltages or with UV-light.
  • Ozone is the second most powerful sterilant in the world and its function is to destroy bacteria, viruses and odors.
  • Ozone generators are typically classified by: control mechanism, cooling mechanism and physical arrangement of the
  • Corona discharge tube is used for generating ozone molecules. These types of ozone generators are very cost effective and utilizes only ambient air for ozone production.
  • The mini ozone generator is capable of producing 800 nanomole of ozone per minute.
  • An ozone generator is made of a large number of these
    cells, from one to several hundreds.
  • The ozone generator used in all field tests (Viroforce 1000; Viroforce Systems, Kelowna, BC, Canada) was a portable module containing multiple corona discharge units, a circulating fan, and an efficient catalytic converter (ie, scrubber) to reconvert ozone to oxygen at the termination of ozone exposure.
  • A typical ozone generator is called a “corona discharge” generator whereby lined glass or ceramic dielectric tubes, are fitted inside water cooled stainless steel tubes
    and provided with a gap, “discharge gap”, between the two surfaces. Gas is passed through the annulus (discharge gap) and a high voltage passed across the gap through the gas results in ozone generation.
  • For ozone generators and ozone generation systems which use oxygen feed, the operator must be trained and be familiar with the procedures for safe handling of oxygen.
  • Ozone generators operate under high voltage. Follow proper plant safety procedures when working on electrical equipment and use lock out procedures.
    Most equipment control panels have 24v, 120v and 480v power, often supplied from different sources.Ozone generators operate on voltages of up to 10,000v.
  • Corona plasma discharge route is found to be most effective method for
    production of high ozone concentrations in a generator as compared to the ultraviolet (UV) radiation method.
  • The increasing demand for ozone makes it necessary to improve the capacity and
    efficiency of ozone generators. Ozone is used widely for sterilization and
    substituting oxidizing materials, and that, directly or indirectly, means hazardous pollution to the environment.
  • The development of ozone generators covers three different fields: power supply, electrode arrangement, the materials of the dielectric and the electrodes.
  • Most large ozone generators use pure oxygen or oxygen blended with about 1 % nitrogen as a feed gas. The presence of nitrogen has a pronounced beneficial effect on ozone generation.
  • Many technical ozone generators use cylindrical discharge tubes.
  • Good ozone generators require less air for producing the same weight of ozone, thereby bringing about a lower capital and
    subsequent running costs.
General Information
  • Ozone Generator
  • Ozone Generator Information
  • Ozone generator specification
  • Ozone Generator air preparation oxygen vs. dry air


  • Ozone Generator Facts
  • Ozone generator Fact sheet
  • Ozone hospital laundry system - Facts
  • Ozone Disinfection Fact sheet
  • Beware of Ozone-generating
  • Fact sheet - Ozone generator


  • Company from USA
  • Company from India
  • Company from USA
  • Company from India
  • Company from USA
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  • Ozone generator
  • Ozone generator circuit
  • Excited ozone generator circuit with 555
  • Intermittent ozone generator circuit based on 555IC
  • Ozone Laundry System
  • Ozone generator tucs
  • Power pulse generator
  • Typical Ozone System

Flow Chart

  • Ozone generator Process Flow Sheet
  • Flow process for typical ozone generators
  • Mechanism of Ozone Water Treatment
  • Ozone Generator Photo and Electrode Schematic
  • Inside Ozone generator

Data Sheet

  • Azcozon Ozone generator
  • Ozone from ohio
  • Triatomic oxygen
  • Ozone (Ambient Air Gas)
  • Ozone from US
  • Ozone in Air
  • Ozone safety data


  • Simple homemade 12 volt ozone generator
  • Mini-Ozone generator
  • Ozone water treatment system
  • Build a DIY Ozone generator


  • Alligator Clips suppliers
  • Aluminum foil suppliers
  • Electrical tape Suppliers
  • Pint glass jar suppliers
  • Quart glass jar Suppliers
  • Transformers suppliers
  • Wire Suppliers
  • Wooden board Supplier


  • Automatic ozone generator
  • E-Series Ozone Generator
  • Silver Hospitality EC ozone generator
  • Ozone generators with the barrier less gas discharge
  • Indizone ozone generator
  • Ebbo Ozone Generators
    Ozone Generators
  • M-Series ozone generator
  • Medical Ozone generator
  • Ozone Micro Cell
  • Ozmotics Ozone Generators
  • Industrial Grade High Frequency Corona Discharge
    Ozone Generators
  • Primozone Ozone Generator
  • Crystal Air Ozone Generator
  • Ozone Water Purification Systems
  • Purfresh Ozone generator
  • Z5000 Ozone Generator


  • Standard Operating Procedure Using the Ozone Generator
  • Study of Ozone Generator with Electric Fields Distribution on Water Surface
  • Ozone generators to Flat television screens - potential of dielectric-barrier discharges
  • Control of an ozone generator
  • Electrolytic ozone generators
  • Evaluate and Select an Ozone generator
  • Investigation into the A&A Ozone Generation Units
  • Modeling and characterization of field-enhanced corona discharge in ozone-generator diode
  • Ozone generation characteristics using a rotating electrode
  • Ozone Generator Replacement
  • Ozone generator operation
  • Principles of Ozone generator


  • Ozone for Air Treatment
  • Ozone for Aquaculture
  • Ozone generator - OZOL Inhalation Therapy
  • Ozone Generators for Biopharm
  • Ozone 1000 Series Generator for Water Treatment
  • High-tension corona controlled ozone generator for environment protection
  • Ozone Generator applications
  • High concentration ozone generation in the laboratory for various applications
  • Ozone generator Reactive power
  • Removal of sulphur-nitrogen compounds from FGD wastewater by ozone treatment
  • Ozone Treatment of Small Water Systems
  • Ozone treatment of swimming pool water


  • Benefits of Ozone Treatment for Bottled Water
  • Use of Ozone to control zebra mussels and OPG
  • Use of ozone as a disinfectant in fish hatcheries and fish farms
  • Use of Ozone for colour removal at malelane refinery


  • Ozone generator Manual
  • Enmet ozone Generator manual
  • Aqua medic Ozone generators Operation manual
  • Ozone Generator T Series
  • Spas Ozone Generator Systems
  • Ozone Generator SP Series
  • OZV-8 Ozone Generator
  • Plazmatics Ozone Generator
  • Powr-Zone Ozone Generator
  • Pool Ozone Generator
  • Portable Ozone generator
  • Ozone Water Purification Systems
  • Spas Ozone generator
  • Stable Ozone Generators
  • Corona Discharge Ozone Generators
  • Genesis Corona Discharge Ozone Generators


  • Ozone generator
  • Modular ozone generator system
  • Ozone generator and method of producing ozone
  • Ozone generator system and ozone generating method
  • N-phase ozone generator
  • Ozone generator apparatus
  • Portable integrated ozone generator
  • Hybrid ozone generator
  • Plate-type ozone generator
  • Electrolytic ozone generator
  • Ozone generator control system
  • Ozone generator water treatment


  • Advanced Ozone Water-Treatment Technology
  • Optimization of Large-Scale DBD Plasmas: Mechanism and Implications for Improved Ozone Generation
  • Experimental study on ozone generation using DC driven Micro-Plasma
  • Ozone Technology of presowing  seed treatment

Report & Project

  • Evolution of Industrial Ozone Generation
  • Ozone Generator Problems
  • Ozone Generator Mexico City
  • International ozone association
  • NSF International Standard for Treatment Units - Ozone Generators
  • Market Trading Rule for Ozone
  • Replacing your ultra pure ozone generator assembly
  • BP Shipping’s Ozone Generator Project

Safety & Risk

  • Ozone gas is an effective
    and practical antibacterial agent
  • Comparative toxicity of various ozonized olefins to bacteria suspended in air
  • Health Hazards of Ozone-generating Air Cleaning Devices
  • Health Hazards and Precautionary Measures
  • Influence of grain mass temperature on ozone toxicity to Sitophilus zeamais
  • Antimicrobial effect of a novel ozone generating device on micro organisms


  • Ozone Generator Suppliers
  • Supplier for Ozone generator
  • Indian Ozone Generator Manufacturers
  • Ozone Generator Manufacturer and  Exporters
  • Ozone Generator China Supplier
  • Supplier list for Ozone generator
  • Ozone Generators Manufacturers & Suppliers

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