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Information profile @ a Glance
  • It takes 17 trees and 1500 liters of oil to make one tone of paper ; an average household throws away 1 kg of newspaper every week. That's one tree a year
  • Producing recycling paper creates 74% less air pollution and 35% less water
    pollution than producing paper from virgin fibres.
  • Waste paper, rugs, waste cotton are some of the materials that can be recycled
  • The three stages of recycling: 1) collection and processing, 2) manufacturing, and 3) buying recycled products.
  • The major operations involved in waster paper recycling are: Raw materials sorting, cutting and dusting, Digesting (Cooking), Beating, Lifting and couching, Pressing and drying, Tub sizing, Calendaring, Sorting and cutting
  • The core part of the technology for waste paper recycling is the digester. The complete machinery and equipment for waste paper recycling can be supplied by manufacturers in India, China, Korea and other countries in Asia and Europe
  • China’s imports of recycled paper comprised 61% of global exports of recycled paper
  • Subsidies for recycled paper consumed by China’s paper industry reached $1.7 billion between 2004 and 2008, when data were available
  • The establishment of a plant for the recycling of waste paper with a capacity of 210 tonnes per annum will need an investment of USD 200,000

Basic Information

  • Recycling overview

  • Paper only?

  • House hold Recycling

  • Possibilities

  • Paper & Cardboard

  • Benefits

  • DOs & DONTs

Industry Information
  • Pulp Mills
  • Facts
  • The technology and infrastructure of paper recycling in New York City

Project Information

  • Sample Project
  • Recycling equipment supplier
  • How to Start a Waste Paper
    Recycling Programme in Residential Buildings
  • Baler Machniery
  • Molded products
  • Recycle Paper tissue Mill
  • Vertical Balers

Technology Information

  • Cups
  • Paper Cup Recycling
  • Recycling of Hot Drink Paper Cups
  • Thermal Paper Rolls

Trade, Companies & Products

  • Performance, and Cost of
    Recycled Paper
  • Paper Recovery and Recycling Issues
  • Association Data
  • Suppliers - India
  • Chinese Industry
  • Suppliers - Hongkong
  • Company Profile
  • Company in recycle business
  • Paper &Polystyrene recycling
  • Trade Portal
  • Project : Case Study
  • Company Profile

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