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  • An excipient is an inactive ingredient which is added to a pharmaceutical compound
  • Excipients are the additives used to convert pharmacologically active compounds into pharmaceutical dosage forms suitable for
    administration to patients.
  • An inactive ingredient may facilitate the absorption of a drug into the body, or slow the rate at which a drug is absorbed, in the form of a time release coating which allows the drug to dissolve slowly.
  • Other excipients may make drugs physically easier to swallow, or facilitate the breakdown of the drug once it reaches the right area of the body.
  • Excipients can also act as binders, holding the ingredients in a drug together so that it can be dispensed properly.
  • Gelatin will remain the dominant compound for drug encapsulation, warding off challenges from more expensive cellulosic and vegetable oil derivatives
  • Cellulose derivatives will eventually evolve into the top selling group of pharmaceutical excipients
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  • Future Trends
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  • Choice of excipient
  • Flowability of Pharmaceutical Excipients
  • Drug Excipient Interactions
  • Applicationof Starches, ModifiedStarchesand
    Starch Derivativesin Pharmaceutical Products
  • High Functionality Excipients
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  • Honey
  • Fine Excipient Lactose Grades
  • Metallic Stearates
  • Smart Excipients
  • Co-processed directly compressible excipients
  • Pharmacopeial excipient specifications
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