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  • Plant Root Simulator (PRS) probes consist of either cation- or anion-exchange resin membranes encased in a plastic holding device, which are inserted into the soil to measure ion supply in situ with minimal disturbance. 
  • The PRS probes simulate the action of plant roots by adsorbing soil nutrient ions through ion-exchange, thereby acting as a nutrient sink. 
  •  The PRS probes integrate all of the principal edaphic factors affecting nutrient uptake by plants (i.e., soil moisture and temperature, Mineralization, immobilization, free ion activities, buffer power, ion diffusion, etc.), regardless of soil type.
  • In 2005, the PRS probes provided a basis for determining  Fertilizer Recommendations on over 2,000,000 acres of farmland in western Canada for a variety of cereal, oil seed, pulse, and forage crops.

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All About PRS

  • Plant care information
  • Planting Instructions 
  • Tree growth on disturbed calcareous soils
  • MSDS - RGS 
  • Recommended Technique for Planting in Clay or Poorly Drained Soils
  • SoilTesting
  • Demo of PRS - Video file 
  • Publications 


Research and Press Reports

  • Rhizotonic
  • Root Hair
  • Research Projects 
  • Travis Idol's Research 
  • Western Canada Research Report
  • Organic Farming 
  • Research Needs in Organic Potato Production
  • Root Stimulator & Starter Solution RTS
  • Anion Exchange Membrane Extraction
  • PRS Probe Related Scientific


  • CANNA USA Corp.
  • Green Fuse Stimulators
  • Hi Yield Root Stimulator 
  • IONIC Organic Stimulator 
  • Bonide Products INC.
  • Hydro Dynamics
  • RGS 15-0-0
  • Root 'n' Grow Root Stimulator
  • PRS Probes and Nutrient Forecaster

Suppliers and Market Details 

  • GreenFuse Organic plant stimulators
  • B’Cuzz Plant Stimulators 
  • Popular Mechanics 
  • Nulex - RGS 
  • Root Stimulator Price List 
  • Root Stimulator Combination Packs 
  • RGS Price Catalogue 
  • Xylitol Asian Companies
  • Benefits and Opportunity

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Technical Update

  • PRS technology for nutrient management 
  • Comparison of Soil K Assessment by PRS probes and NH4OAc Extraction
  • Nitrogen Competition - Ion-Exchange Membranes
  • Factors Affecting Soil Nutrient Supply Rate Measurements with PRS - Probes
  • PRS Probes Measure Soil Nutrient Bioavailability
  • PRS probes measure the effect of plant uptake on nutrient bioavailability
  • PRS probes ideal sensitivity for treatment 
  • Cost Effective and Reliable measure 
  • Biologically measure of soil phosphorous
  • Assessment of microsite variability in nutrient fluxes using PRS probes
  • Ion-exchange membrane

Procedure and Technical Details  

  • Integral Plastic Handle RTD Probes 
  • Procedures for PRS probes
  • PRS  probes Working 
  • Working Mechanism of PRS Probes 
  • Measure soil nutrient supplies to crops in Situ
  • PRS probes add interpretative power to soil research
  • PRS probes add interpretative power to forestry-related research 
  • PRS probes: An essential tool in agronomy, forestry, and environmental research 

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