Polypropylene copolymer (PPRC) pipes
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  • PPRC pipe production line is mainly used in the residential water supply systems, industrial water transportation and other extensive application of various diameters.
  • PPRC pipe is the latest product in the overall history of pipe manufacturing. It is economical, non-corrosive, high temperature resistant, lower flow resistance, ease of installation, reduced breakage and leakage, stain free nature and so on.
  • PPRC pipes are prevailing rapidly because of their multiple usages and advantages. Hot & cold water
    facilities served for civil buildings, such as: houses, air ports, hospitals, hotels, offices, schools, etc.
  • Due to its smooth rust less inner surface no foreign particle can stay in it & the quality and quantity of the water supplied remains the same. The high molecular weight of PPRC makes it highly resistant and an excellent energy saver as compared to metallic pipes.
  • PPR-C Pipe system are produced out of Polypropylene random copolymer referred to as Type III PPR-C (commonly known as PP-R).
  • This raw material is obtained by cracking petroleum where by propane-monomer polymerizes with polypropylene co monomer to form Polypropylene random co polymer.
  • Eurotech PPR-C pipe system is made up from VESTOLEN P9421 which is one of the best PPR-C raw materials over the world, VESTOLENE P9421 is approved for the production of pipes & fittings according to the DIN 8078 & DIN 16962 standards.
  • The PPR-raw material is a thermoplastic resin and is supplied in granules pre-colored. This raw material is transformed in to finished product by a rise in temperature, which plastizes the material, allowing the pipe to be produced by means of extrusion, and fittings by molding.
  • At lower temperature of 0oC and below, the flexibility of PPR-C pipes reduces and impact strength also reduces. This makes pipes more prone to mechanical damages against impact loads. To avoid the damages at low temperature, it is advisable to insulate the pipe lines.
  • During the last 30 years, polypropylene random copolymers (PP-R) for full range plumbing and heating systems have been developed and successfully approved in many countries world-wide.
  • The latest development is Beta-PPR, a new PP-R class with modified crystallinity and enhanced temperature resistance (PP-RCT).
  • The characteristics of this material lead to a beneficial pipe design for safe and economical installation.
  • The PP-RCT exhibits an improved hydro-static pressure resistance especially at elevated temperatures resulting in a beneficial pipe design with higher hydraulic capacity.
  • Over the last 30 years pressure pipe systems made from polypropylene random copolymers (PP-R) have been widely adopted by the plumbing and heating industry in numerous countries around the world.
  • The right choice for hot and cold water applications
  • BorPEX™, PP-R and PP-RCT materials for plumbing & heating
    pipe systems
  • PP-R 2004
  • Frequently asked questions


  • Beta
  • Capilene
  • Carmel
  • Fusiolen
  • RA130
  • Vestolen


  • Almona
  • ARP 230
  • Beta
  • Borealis
  • PPRC pipe fittings
  • HDPE
  • Isplen
  • Xinfeng
  • R200P
  • Sabic
  • Profax
  • RA 130E
  • GreenLife Pipe&Fittings
  • PP-R PIPE 3 Layer PP-R Plumbing System
  • Master PPRC Pipes & Fittings
  • PP-RC pipes and fittings

Manufacturing process

  • PPRC pipes manufacturing unit
  • Prime PPRC pipes manufacturing process

Raw material suppliers

  • Antioxidants additive
  • UV stabilizer additives
  • Colour master batches
  • Petrol
  • Polypropylene
  • Propane


  • Converters save time and energy with high clarity polypropylenes
  • Customers benefit from innovative materials and technologies for wide range of applications on show at Sabic stand during Plastpol exhibition
  • La Scala provides a stage
    for high performance polypropylene pipe installations


  • Polypropylene pipe
  • Propylene-hexane random copolymer produced in the presence of a ziegler natta catalyst
  • Polypropylene composition with broad MWD Pressure Pipes
  • Extruded, injection-molded, or blow-molded plastic pipe or fitting for pipelines
  • Polypropylene Random Copolymers Having High Melt Flow Rates for Injection Molding and Melt Blown Applications
  • Process for producing polypropylene or propylene random copolymer
  • Polypropylene coated steel pipe
  • Heat pipe fin stack with extruded base
  • Heat pipe having a wick structure containing phase change materials
  • Suppliers of PPRC pipes
  • Manufacturers of PPRC pipes
  • Selling leads of PPRC pipes
  • PPRC pipes Suppliers

Company profiles

  • Company from Australia
  • Company from Chennai
  • Company from China
  • Company from Delhi
  • Company from Gujarat
  • Company from Haryana
  • Company from Karnataka
  • Company from Europe
  • Company from Istanbul
  • Company from Kerala
  • Company from Pakistan


  • Consultancy from Honk Kong
  • Consultancy from Jordan
  • Consultancy from Mumbai
  • Consultancy from Trichy
  • Corrosion resistance, ease of installation stimulate demand for plastic pipe
  • Foreign market
  • Local and international market
  • Iran’s PE, PP demand forecast to grow 7-8% to 1.7m tonnes


  • Thermography in plastics welding processes assessment
  • Thermoplastic Piping Systems for Pharmaceutical Water Applications
  • A guide to polyolefin film extrusion
  • Annual report
  • About Friction Modeling For Observer-Based Leak Estimation In Pipelines


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  • Corrugated solar forced air passive heater
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  • PPR Pipe system
  • Welding procedure


  • A new material class for plumbing and heating applications
  • HDPE Pipe for Potable Water Applications
  • An Investigation into Plastic Pipes as Hot Water Transporters in Domestic and Industrial Applications
  • Rehabilitating Home Water Pipes with Epoxy Coatings
  • Effects of processing parameters on the mechanical properties of polypropylene random copolymer
  • Rehabilitation installations with a new tailor made PP-RCT pipe solution

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