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  • India, One of the world’s leading producer of tea, accounted for 24.8% of global tea production in 2015-16.
  • India has manufacturing base for both “CTC” and “Whole Leaf” Tea.
  • CTC teas are most popular teas used all over the world
  • CTC means : Crushing, Tearing and Curling
  • CTC process employs two cylindrical rollers which have raised edges along the circumference of the roller and running across the entire length of the rollers.
  • The CTC machine improves the briskness, brightness and thickness of black teas.
  • CTC teas come in various grades like BPS, BOP-L, BOP, BOP-Sm, BP, PF and PD in the order of reducing grain size. Big grains like BOP-L and BOP add to aroma, and small grains like BP and PF add to color and strength. Normally four grades are mixed in certain proportion to optimize aroma, taste and color.
  • There are two major methods of tea manufacture:
    (i) Orthodox method
    (ii) CTC (Cut-Tear-Curl) method.
  • Orthodox is a traditional method in which the green leaves are first withered, twisted gradually by the slow rolling process, then fermented and dried.
  • CTC method is a high volume process. In this, the withered leaves suffer more severe cutting to strong liquors, then fermented and dried. Some factories manufacture tea by Dual process - both orthodox and CTC methods.
  • Russia, Iran, US, UK are some of the top importing countries of Indian Tea.
  • India accounted for 12.4% of Global Tea exports by volume in 2015
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