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  • Aminopyridine refer to following chemical compounds: 2-Aminopyridine, 3-Aminopyridine , 4-Aminopyridine.
  • An organic compound with the chemical formula C5H4NNH2. The molecule is one of the three isomeric amines of pyridine.
  • 4-Aminopyridine (4-AP) is a voltage-gated, fast potassium channel blocker capable of improving axonal conduction by facilitating the propagation of action potentials in demyelinated nerve fibers.
  • Prepared by the decarbonylation of pyridine-4-carboxamide using sodium hypochlorite.
  • It is used primarily as a research tool, in characterizing subtypes of potassium channel, and has also been used to manage some of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.
  • 4-AP is sold under the trade name Avitrol as .5% or 1% in bird control bait.
  • 2-Aminopyridine is an organic compound with the formula H2NC5H4N. It is one of three isomeric Aminopyridines.
  • It is a colourless solid that is used in the production of the drugs piroxicam, sulfapyridine, tenoxicam, and tripelennamine. It is produced by the reaction of sodium amide with pyridine, the Chichibabin reaction.
  • 2-Aminopyridine derivatives are obtained by reacting a quaternary ammonium compound with malodinitrile in the presence of an alkanol, followed with ammonia, water and ether to give aminonicotinonitrile
    and then reacting this product with an alkali metal compound to give
    aminonicotinic acid.
  • A potassium channel blocker, is capable of restoring conduction in the injured spinal cord and also employed mostly clinically.
  • In the symptomatic treatment of multiple sclerosis, acts by improving nerve conduction even in the presence of myelin damage. It is used as a research tool to characterize potassium channel subtypes.
  • 2-AP derivatives produced are valuable starting materials for the preparation of pesticides, drugs, vitamins and dyes.
  • Anthraquinone based acid with 2-AP dyes have found  application in dyeing wool polyamide fibers.
  • Invention relates to HSP90 inhibitors containing fused amino pyridine core that are
    useful as inhibitors which used in the treatment of HSP90 related diseases and disorders such as cancer or a neurodegenerative disease.
  • A pharmaceutical composition contains a therapeutically amount of a aminopyridine dispersed in a release matrix, for example a composition that can be formulated into a stable, sustained-release oral dosage formulation, such as tablet.
  • Usage of aminopyridine compounds extends to treat peripheral nervous system
    demyelinating diseases includes diabetes mellitus, Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
  • Dependent upon the membrane potential, Aminopyridines selectively block K channels of squid axon membranes and the duration and frequency of voltage clamp pulses. They are effective when applied to either the internal or the external membrane surface.
  • The steady-state block of K channels by aminopyridine is more complete for low depolarizations and is gradually relieved at higher depolarizations.
  • 3-AP is used as an intermediate in the production of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and dyes.


  • Aminopyridines.
  • Introduction about Aminopyridine.
  • Aminopyridine Block of Transient Potassium Current.
  • Properties of 3-Aminopyridine.
  • 4-Aminopyridine Property.
  • Reregistration Eligibility Decision for 4-aminopyridine.
  • Fact Sheet.

Raw Materials

  • Sodium Hypochlorite.
  • Sodium Amide.
  • Pyridine.


  • 2-Aminopyridine.
  • Safety sheet of Amino-2-Pyridine.
  • 4-Aminopyridine.
  • Msds of 2-Aminopyridine.
  • 3-Aminopyridine.
  • Data sheet of 4-aminopyridine.
  • 4-Aminopyridine, 98%.
  • Material sheet of Aminopyridine.
  • 2-Aminopyridine, 99%.
  • Gamma-Aminopyridine.
  • 3-Aminopyridine, 99%.
  • Msds of Amino-4-Pyridine.


  • FAMPYRA (fampridine).
  • 4-Aminopyridine.
  • Avitrol.
  • 4-AP(Aminopyridine).
  • Pest Management Product Catalogue.
  • (2-Aminopyridine) Glycan Labeling Kit.
  • 4-Pyridylamine.


  • Catalyst-free Synthesis of 2-Aminopyridines.
  • Synthesis of N-Zn, N-Cu complexes involving 2-aminopyridine.
  • Facile Synthesis of functionalized 4-Aminopyridines.
  • New Heterocyclic compounds derived from 2-Aminopyridine.
  • Inhibitory study of some Salicylaldehyde Schiff bases of 2-aminopyridine.
  • Sensitive Analysis of Aminopyridine Compounds.
  • AminoPyridine Synthesis.
  • Reactions of 3-Chloropropeniminium salts with Aminopyridines.


  • Effects of 4-Aminopyridine in patients with multiple sclerosis.
  • Effects of 4-Aminopyridine on potassium currents in a Molluscan Neuron.
  • 4-aminopyridine induced contracture in frog ventricle due to calcium released .
  • Effects of Aminopyridine on demyelinated axons and muscle tension.


  • Fused Aminopyridine as HS90 Inhibitors.
  • Aminopyridine Compounds.
  • Use of 4-Amino Pyridine for treatment of peripheral neuropathies.
  • Sustained release aminopyridine composition.
  • Preparation of 2-aminopyridine derivatives.
  • Acrylated 4-Aminopyridine derivatives as pesticides.
  • 4-Aminopyridine use as potassium channel modulators.
  • Aminopyridine kinase inhibitors.
  • Aminopyridine as CXCR2 Modulators.


  • Cautionary information about Aminopyridine.
  • 2-Aminopyridine Hazards.
  • Toxicity study of Aminopyridines.
  • Unusual case of 4-aminopyridine toxicity in a multiple sclerosis patient.
  • Toxicology profile of 4-Aminopyridine.
  • Toxicological effects of Avitrol.



  • Safety and health guideline for 2-Aminopyridine.

Equipment Suppliers

  • Supplier from United States.


  • Suppliers from China.
  • Suppliers from India.
  • Supplier from France.
  • Indian Suppliers.
  • List of Manufacturers.
  • List of Suppliers.

Company Profile

  • Company from China.
  • Company1 from India.
  • Company2 from India.


  • Consultancy from India.
  • Consultancy from US.
  • Consultancy from Singapore.


  • Discovery of Aminopyridine based inhibitors.
  • New 2-aminopyridine containing acid anthraquinone dyes.
  • 4-aminopyridine reduces chorda tympani nerve taste responses to potassium.
  • 4-Aminopyridine action on voltage-gated potassium channels in lymphocytes.
  • Gating-dependent mechanism of 4-Aminopyridine block in two related potassium channels.
  • An electroencephalo-graphic study of 4-Aminopyridine.
  • Experimental IR Spectra of 3-aminopyridine.
  • Substituted Aminopyridines as Potent.
  • Quantification of 4-amino-pyridine in plasma by capillary electrophoresis.
  • 4-Aminopyridine derivatives enhance impulse conduction.


  • 4-Aminopyridine acts as a weak base.
  • 4-Aminopyridine a specific blocker of K+ Channels.
  • Research Concept - Aminopyridines.
  • 4-Aminopyridine restores visual ocular motor function in upbeat nystagmus.
  • Chemical stability of 4-Aminopyridine Capsules.
  • NTP Research Concept - Aminopyridines.
  • Activation of protein kinase C by 4-aminopyridine.
  • Aminopyridine block of Potassium Channels in Squid Axon Membrane.

Market Demands

  • China's 4-Aminopyridine Market Developing Research Report.


  • Improvements in the use of 4-Aminopyridine for protecting Agricultural crops from birds.
  • Use of Avitrol Baits for Pest Bird Management.










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