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  • Amusement park is the generic term for a collection of rides and other entertainment attractions assembled for the purpose of entertaining a large group of people.
  • Amusement Parks are recreational facilities that offer a varied range of entertainment options ranging from theme parks to spine chilling roller coaster, 3D theater to giant wheel, in a cluster format.
  • Amusement parks are usually owned by a large corporate conglomerate which allows capital investment unknown by the traditional family-owned parks.
  • An amusement park is more elaborate than a simple city park or playground, usually providing attractions meant to cater to adults, teenagers, and small children.
  • Integrating technology into rides, games, shows and attractions in creative, modern ways—as all the above-mentioned facilities do—helps a park stay relevant to the contemporary market.
  • The demand for entertainment options such as amusement parks, I-max, shopping malls are rapidly increasing across the Country.
  • The opportunity of setting up the Amusement Park can be linked with the gap of amusement facilities existing in different areas of the country , total population of a specific area requiring recreational activities and the spending capability of people in that area.
  • The need for amusement parks is increasing tremendously in recent time. In cities particularly which are the central spots of retreats for tourists as well as inhabitants, there is felt to establish such amusement parks.
  • The improved global economy and the ongoing modernization and development of theme parks and amusement parks will drive the market to $26.8 billion in sales in 2009 at a 4.5% compound annual growth rate.
  • The size of the Indian Amusement Park business is estimated to be around Rs 4000 crore and is expected to grow 6% annually till 2010.
  • The future seems bright for the theme park industry across the UK and Europe as a whole.
  • The Amusement industry, is estimated to grow by 10-12 per cent per annum.
  • In India, major developments will be seen in next 5 years when many international parks will come via franchise or direct investment.
  • One of the major advantages for the industry is the enormous amount of dormant/under-utilized land in India's hinterland.
  • Looking at the size of investment and potential for this amusement park, it is advised that the
    facility is set up in those districts/cities of the country that have a population of 3-4 million people. In that case one would have to attract only 5-6% of the total population in the target district per year, who would visit the park for successful running of the facility.
  • Selection of rides is an important factor in the popularity of an amusement park. Rides are
    classified according to the thrill level they provide. High, moderate and children rides are three broad categories for rides. It is recommended that the final selection of rides should be inline with the targeted market segment and should have a balance of the various levels of thrill factors. Moreover, the selection of rides will also depend on the location of the project
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Investment and Returns

  • Disney profit increases on strong TV, theme park growth
  • Gulf Finance House plans USD 1.5 billion investment in theme park resort in Dubai land
  • About Dubai land theme park
  • Ripley's amusement park at Bangalore by April
  • V-Guard plans another amusement park in Goa 

License and Approval

  • Licensing and Regulation of Amusement Parks
  • Notes of the 3rd meeting of the Business Liaison Group (Theme Park)

  • How to get approval for your amusement park
  • Application proforma for approval of amusement parks


  • Consultant from California
  • Consultancy services
  • Consultant from Ohio
  • Consultant from India
  • Consultant from Minnesota

Amusement Parks

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  • Park from Oregon
  • Park from Washington
  • Park from New York
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  • Toronto island park
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Equipment manufacturers company profiles

  • Company from India
  • Another company from India
  • Company from Los Angeles
  • Company from USA
  • Company from Hong Kong
  • Company from Italy


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  • Theme Park Applications of Dynamic Designer
  • Amusement project report
  • Repositioning and Long Term Operation Plan of Ocean Park Project Profile

  • Amusement park project report
  • Revised baseline monitoring report


  • Amusement park attendance rises 4.2 percent in 2005
  • Family entertainment and amusement parks market in India
  • Growing global economy, modernization to grow theme park revenue by more than 4%
  • Amusement Parks can help employees de-stress and bond better: Survey
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Equipment Suppliers

  • Amusement park equipment suppliers
  • Equipment suppliers from Gujarat
  • Equipment suppliers for amusement park
  • Suppliers from India
  • Amusement park equipment wholesale suppliers
  • Suppliers of equipments for amusement park
  • Exporters and manufacturers of amusement park equipments

Safety Issues

  • Amusement Park Safety
  • Fixed theme park rides and neurological injuries expert panel consensus report
  • Amusement Park Safety: Parents need to use their own judgment

  • Safety for amusement park
  • Source water assessment report
  • Theme park safety
  • Theme park safety tips

Guidelines and Business Plan

  • A summary of accessibility guidelines
  • Amusement park guidelines
  • Amusement park guidelines for parents
  • Amusement Park Business Plan

Rules and Regulations

  • Amusement park rules and regulations
  • Carnivals and amusement parks
  • regulations

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