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  • An Anaesthetic Needle for medical application that is  easy to use which is rotatably inserted into the epidural needle from a proximal end portion. The epidural needle isprovided, at the proximal end portion with a length adjusting mechanism of a tube shape extending in an axial direction.
  • Characteristics are varies in gauge and length , short for maxillary and long for mandibular.
  • The dental anesthetic needles tested were of 3 different gauges 25, 27 and 30, varying lengths range from 21mm to 35mm.
  • Local Anaesthetic needles which includes straight and Touchey needles for local, spinal and epidural
  • Two conventional methods of injecting an anesthetic in a spinal space which includes one uses an
    epidural needle to deliver medicament to an epidural space of the patient. The other uses a needle
    of a relatively small diameter to directly deliver into a subarachnoid space of a spinal column.
  • It comprise an outside needle and a Mandrin inserted into the outer needle to freely move in and out and is slightly bend upward at its tip when its needle axis is positioned horizontal.
  • Assembly of a outer needle of an anesthetic needle to be injected into an epidural area, has a distal end which is cut and bent to from an annular cutting edge. The distal end is gently bent so that a needle having a forward end can slide out of the annular cutting edge.
  • The Needle in which annular cutting edge has a wave-like configuration with an circular annulus with round corners & outwardly expanded sides.
  • The outer needle is known as a spinal needle that is made of a stainless steel tube of which the bevel cut end is bent to form a distal end of the outer needle.
  • Needles are single use, sterile and latex-free medical devices for transient delivery of anesthetics during regional anesthesia.
  • Main Function of this needle is to inject anesthetic into soft tissue.


  • Improving Anaesthetic Needle Technology.
  • WA Anaesthetic needle invention goes global.
  • Positioning System for local anaesthetic needles.
  • Local Anaesthetic Needles.
  • Technique of Epidural Needle.
  • Epidural Anaesthetic.


  • Spinal Anesthesia Needles.
  • Anesthetic Conduction Needles.
  • BD Medical Anesthesia Products.


  • Outer needle of anesthetic needle assembly for epidural.
  • Medical Anesthetic Needle.
  • Mandrin of Medical Anesthetic Needle and Manufacturing Same.
  • Slotted Regional Anesthesia Needle.
  • Spinal Needle.
  • Dental Injection Needle for dispensing anesthetic substance.
  • Injection Needle.
  • Spinal Epidural Needle Assemblies.


  • Misplaced anesthetic needle causes patient's eye to explode during cataract surgery.
  • Complication of local dental anesthesia-a broken needle in the pterygomandibular space.


  • Needle and Syringe product Assemblies and packaging.


  • Guideline on use of local Anesthesia for pediatric dental patients.

Turnkey Provider

  • Turnkey provider from China.


  • Suppliers from China.
  • Indian Manufacturers.
  • List of Suppliers.
  • Supplier1 from UK.
  • Supplier2 from UK.

Company Profile

  • Company1 from China.
  • Company2 from China.
  • Company3 from China.
  • Company4 from China.
  • Company from US.
  • Company from Japan.
  • Company from Lebanon.
  • Company1 from India.
  • Company2 from India.
  • Company3 from India.


  • Consultancy from Germany.
  • Consultancy from UK.
  • Consultancy from USA.


  • Echogenic Regional Anaesthesia Needles.
  • A survey of dental local Anesthesia Routines and experience of fractured needles.
  • Haptic sensitivity in needle insertion.
  • Effect of length and gauge on performance of dental Anesthesia Needles.
  • Deflection of Conventional versus nondeflecting dental needles.
  • Epidural injection of Lidocaine reduces the response to dural puncture accompanying spinal needle insertion.


  • Anaesthetic Procedure Packs.
  • A new approach to intraosseous anesthesia.
  • Improved patient care in spinal Anaesthesia.
  • Local Anaesthesia.
  • Dental Instruments Packet.
  • Computer controlled local Anesthetic in Dentistry.


  • Local Anesthesia in Veterinary Dentistry.


  • Teenager paralyzed after Epidural not removed May 2008.
  • Hope of a pain-free needle to end injection trauma.
  • Now no fear of Anesthetic Needles in Dental Procedures.

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