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  • Apple juice is a fruit juice manufactured by the maceration and pressing of apples.
  • Apple juice drinks have a fruit content ranging between 6 and 30 percent, and also include water, fruit aromas, sugar and, in some cases, food acids.
  • Apple syrup can be used as a garnish; tenderizer and meat marinade, or drizzled as a topping on desserts, pancakes or cereals.
  • Enzymes that can cause undesirable changes in flavor, color, and texture are naturally present in raw fruits. Canning destroys the organisms that cause spoilage and also inactivates the enzymes.
  • Production of fruit juice with enzymes is an essential practice in the juice industry throughtout the world, and apple juice is the most popular juice over all.
  • Fruit juices are produced and consumed for their refreshing character and nutritional qualities being rich in vitamins and minerals and having regulatory functions to the body systems; such as augmenting of alkaline reserve of the blood and proper functioning of blood vessels, including capillary, permeability and fragility as a result of contained falconoid.
  • The first step in any processing procedure is handling of the raw fruit. During this most critical step, there is a visual inspection of all apples by a
    trained inspector for "integrity and sanitary condition" and random testing for spray residues or mold. Apples not meeting processing standards
    should be rejected and appropriate personnel informed.
  • The future demand for processed and canned apple juice and syrup is a function of urbanization, income and change in the consumption habit of the population.
  • Apple Juice
  • Apple Juice Production
  • Apple Juice - Info

Apple Juice Processing

  • Processing and Bottling
  • Canning Fruits
  • Canning Apples
  • Canning orchard-fresh fruit
  • Enzyme use in apple juice processing
  • Canning at high Altitudes
  • Home fruit canning
  • HACCP Plan
  • Canning fruits - Processing
  • Studies on the Preservation of Fresh Apple Juice with Sorbic Acid
  • Processing
  • Safe methods to store, preserve and enjoy
  • Canning and Bottling Specialty products

Project Profiles

  • Profile on the production of apple juice and syrup
  • Concentrated Apple Juice
  • Process Technology for the Fruit Juice and Primary Industries
  • Apple Juice Cottage Industry Scale
  • Fruit Juice Manufacturing

Plant and Turnkey providers

  • Processing Line provider from Heilbronn
  • Turnkey provider from Chennai
  • Turnkey provider from Agra
  • Turnkey provider from Mumbai
  • Turnkey provider from China
  • Protecting your juice processing plant from Alicyclobacillus contamination
  • Another Turnkey provider from China
  • Turnkey provider from Haryana
  • Turnkey provider from Delhi
  • Turnkey provider from Canada
  • Another Turnkey provider from China
Market Situation
  • Demand Estimation for US Apple Juice Imports
  • Energy Efficiency Improvement and Cost Saving Opportunities
  • The future development of China's juice drink market direction
  • World Market and Trades
  • The food processing sector in India
  • World Apple Juice Situation

Company Profiles

  • Company from Haryana
  • Company from Shanxi
  • Company from Kent
  • Company from Himachal Pradesh


  • Consultant from Netherland
  • Consultant from Canada
  • Consultant from New York


  • Amylase for Apple Juice Processing
  • Effect of processing stages of apple juice concentrate on patulin levels
  • Canned Fruits and Vegetables - Final report
  • Fluid intake and industrial processing in apple juice induced chronic non-specific diarrhoea
  • Apple Juice Inproves Memory By Boosting Acetylcholine Production
  • Patulin in apple juice, apple juice concentrate, apple juice products
  • Safe Consumption of Apple Juice and Apple Cider
  • Solutions for the fruit juice industry



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