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  • Automotive chains is  based on the power to be transmitted in different sizes.
  • It mostly used for driving the camshafts in engines and the counterbalance shafts and oil pumps.
  • The features of automotive chain are high speed running, high reliability, low noise, high strength and the another one is usage of material.
  • Production process includes Outer and inner link blank are cut from cold rolled steel strips then the rollers are drawn into cups on die sets from same strips.
  • Bushes are produced by curling process then the pins are cut on an automatic header machine to get specified length.
  • SKF Automotive chains meets the ISO/TS16949 Quality Assurance System.
  • Steps involves in manufacturing of automotive chain as follows: Barelling, Heat Treatment, colouring, block assembly and chain assembly on automotive machines, rivetting,greasing and packing.
  • Cost required for installation of machinery and equipments is Rs.32,80,000.
  • The automotive chain has pins type like rounded pin, triangle pin, double pin.
  • Main products of automotive chain are silent chain, leaf chain, conveyor, special chain, sprocket and coupling.
  • Production capacity of automotive chain which costs up to Rs.2,39,40,000.
  • As a result of modern life style, there is a demand for motorcycle chain to meet the replacement market.
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