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  • Benzyl chloride, or α-chlorotoluene, is an organic compound with the formula C6H5CH2Cl.
  • This colourless liquid is a reactive organo chlorine compound that is a widely used chemical building block
  • Benzyl chloride is a colorless to slightly     yellow liquid with a pungent, aromatic odor
  • It is soluble in alcohol, ether, and chloroform,     and is insoluble in water
  • It is very refractive
  • Benzyl chloride is combustible and is corrosive to metal.
  • It reacts with steam and oxidizing agents and is slowly hydrolyzed by  water
  • Benzyl chloride is also known as chlorophenylmethane, chloromethylbenzene, alpha-chlorotoluene and tolyl chloride.
  • This colorless liquid has a distinctively acrid odor.
  • Flash point is the lowest temperature at which a liquid can vaporize and be ignited when mixed with air.
  • Since this chemical is so reactive, stablizers such as propylene oxide or trimethylamine are usually added to prevent undesired reactions.
  • Mixing benzyl choride with water produces toxic fumes.
  • Benzyl chloride was first prepared from treatment of benzyl alcohol with hydrochloric acid.
  • The cyanuric acid can be used to prepare sodium cyanide.
  • Reacting sodium cyanide and benzyl chloride will give benzyl cyanide, a useful reagent.
  • The toluene distilled off should be well shaken with sodium bicarbonate until it registers neutral.
  • It is then dried using magnesium sulfate or calcium chloride.
  • It can be filtered and used directly from this to produce more benzyl chlorid industrially
  •  Benzyl chloride is the precursor to benzyl esters which are used as plasticizer, flavorants, and perfumes.
  • Benzyl chloride is used as raw material to synthesize several quaternary ammonium compounds, such as benzalkonium chloride, which may have pharmaceutical applications.
  • Benzaldehyde, benzyl alcohol, toluene, chloro derivatives of toluene,     and dibenzyl ether are compounds that may be found as impurities in technical benzyl chloride.
  • Phenylacetic acid, a precursor pharmaceuticals, arises via benzyl cyanide, which is generated by treatment of benzyl chloride with sodium cyanide.
  • Quaternary ammonium salts, used as surfactants, are readily formed by alkylation of tertiary amines with benzyl chloride.
  • Benzyl chloride and 4-chloromethylbiphenyl induced dna damage and its repair in excision
  • Properties of benzyl chloride
  • Benzene, (chloromethyl)-
    (benzyl chloride)
  • Benzyl chloride
  • Parmacodynamics of benzyl chloride in rats.
  • Benzyl chloride preparation


  • α-chlorinated toluene and benzyl chloride
  • Chloromethyl benzene
  • Benzyl chloride
    incident management
  • Preparation of d,l-phenylalanine by amido carbonylation
  • Challenge substance benzyl chloride
  • Synthesis of benzyl chloride


  • 4-(methylthio)benzyl chloride
  • Alpha-chlorotoluen
  • Benzyl chloride, stabilized with 0.25% propylene oxide
  • Benzyl chloride bo412
  • Phosphaglo ap substrate
  • Benzyl-d7 chloride
  • P-(methylsulfonyl) benzyl chloride
  • Benzyl chloride, stabilized
  • 4-(trifluoromethoxy)benzyl chloride


  • Benzyl chloride100-44-7
  • Documentation for immediately dangerous to life or health concentrations
  • Perfumery chemicals offered by merck chem


  • Process for distilling benzyl chloride or mixtures containing benzyl chloride
  • Process for the preparation of benzyl alcohol
  • Butadiene-styrene-vinyl benzyl chloride terpolymers
  • Process for the separation of a mixture of benzyl chloride
  • Processes for the synthesis of levocetirizine and intermediates for use therein
  • Process for the continuous preparation of benzyl alcohol
  • Photolytic process for the continuous production of benzotrichloride
  • Process for the preparation of phenylpyruvic acid from benzyl chloride
  • Preparation of β-naphthyl benzyl ether
  • Quaternized derivatives of polymerized pyridines and quinolines
  • Method for preparation of benzyl mercaptant


  • Kinetics of benzyl chloride production
  • Reaction of benzyl chloride with ammonium sulfide under liquid

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Raw materials

  • Zinc chloride
  • 2,6-diclorotoluene

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  • Benzyl chloride
    (a-chlorotoluene, chloromethylbenzene, tolyl chloride
  • Ambient water quality criteria
  • Highly active and reusable catalyst from fe-mg-hydrotalcite anionic
    clay for friedel–crafts type benzylation reactions
  • Order adding a toxic substance to schedule 1 to the Canadian environmental protection act
  • Probit function technical support document


  • 2-(trifluoromethyl)benzyl chloride
  • 3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)benzyl chloride
  • Benzoic acid
  • China’s 4-(benzoxazol-2-yl)benzyl chloride
  • General presentation
  • Industrial phase transfer catalyst
  • M-methyl benzyl chloride
  • M-trifluoromethyl benzyl chloride
  • Production and market situation of benzyl chloride


  • Analysis of residual products in benzyl chloride used for the industrial synthesis of quaternary compounds by liquid
  • Benzylation of aromatic compounds with benzyl chloride catalyzed
  • Benzylation of aromatic compounds over environmentally benign
  • Benzylation of benzene by benzyl chloride  zeolite catalysts
  • Ihs chemical of benzyl chloride
  • CH local mode overtone excitations in benzyl chloride
  • Environmental risk limits for benzyl chloride and benzylidene chloride
  • Toxicity, tissue distribution, and excretion of benzyl chloride in the rat

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