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Project at a Glance Contents on the CD ROM
  • Bio-coke is rod shaped, with a diameter of 40 millimeters and a length of 20 to 100 millimeters.
  • Bio-coke is prepared by substituting a portion of coal blend with a biofuel (charcoal).
  • The only challenge in producing bio-coke is that the addition of charcoal weakens the strength of the bio-coke at high temperatures because of the increased mineral content.
  • Bio-coke would be a very clean fuel, with little or no sulfur or ash. The product would be tailored to replace coke in the blast furnace, so it will have similar properties.
  • For the producer of bio-coke, wood that is going to waste currently could be used to create bio-coke, thus improving the forests. This would have a positive economic impact in rural areas where it would be produced.
  • Bio-coke, made 100% from wood and other biomass, is CO2 neutral. No greenhouse gases would be released in the blast furnace. This would be a tremendous reduction in the carbon footprint of the steel industry. The steel industry would be much closer to a sustainable energy future.
  • Biocoke consists of charcoal and biopitch from wood pyrolysis (the process of thermal degradation in the absence of oxygen), developed as a direct replacement for petroleum coke in anode production.
  • It is produced by a method that facilitates the filling of pores and the binding of charcoal particles with biopitch.

    The end result is a carbon product with significantly increased final density and low ash content.
  • CSIRO's biocoke is much lower in impurities than petcokes and provides a reliable, renewable source which offers potential carbon credit benefits.
  • CSIRO biocoke can be used as a total or partial substitute for fossil carbon in metallurgical applications, and can be blended with CSIRO biopitch to produce a carbon product suitable for use in applications such as aluminium reduction anodes.
  • Use of Biomass Fuels in the Blast Furnace
  • Biomass in ironmaking expected to reduce emissions
  • Insights into bio-coke, continuous cokemaking and Carbonite
  • Shell Invests in Choren BTL Technology


  • Palm Kell Shell Charcoal
  • Bio-coke
  • Bio coke
  • Organic coke
  • Expensive Organic Coke
  • Bio-coke product

Manufacturing process

  • Linde Engineering Dresden purchases CHOREN's Carbo-V®-Technology
  • High grade metallurgical coke from waste stream biomass
  • 'Biocoke’—sustainable materials for carbon anodes
  • Comprehensive MSW processing steps Bio coke method
  • Bio-Coke from Tea Leaf Waste


  • Start of a Project to Manufacture Biomass Coke from the Empty Fruit Bunches of Oil Palms
  • Feasibility study on production of Bio cokes
  • Canadian steel industry
  • International Carbon Flows
  • A look at the markets in Russia and India
  • Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal (Bio-coke) price


  • Biocokes producing method and appartus
  • Biocoke producing apparatus and process thereof
  • Biocoke producing apparatus, method of controlling the same and process for production

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  • Suppliers of Biocoke
  • Manufacturers of Biocoke
  • Supplier from Kohlapur

Raw materials & Equipment suppliers

  • Coconut
  • Rice husk
  • Tea waste
  • Equipment supplier from Japan

Company & Consultancy

  • Company from Brazil
  • Company from Germany
  • Company from Maharashtra
  • Manufacturing plant from China
  • Another Manufacturing plant from China
  • Consultancy from Australia


  • From waste to green energy
  • Breakthrough technologies are required to reduce the carbon intensity of blast furnace steel
  • Alternative uses of Biomass in Decarbonising industry
  • Biomass in steel industry
  • Appropriate use of Bioenergy
  • Using renewable fuel, we can complete the energy cycle
  • Bunker paradise


  • Current Issues and Future
    Directions in Pyrolysis of
  • Canadian Bio-­Carbon Research and Application
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Assessment of Bio-coke from Wood for Application as Bioanode in Aluminium Production
  • Biomass - A source of chemicals and energy for sustainable development
  • The use of biomass in metallurgical industry
  • Advanced Gas Cleaning for Biomass GasificationBiomass Gasification
  • Evaluating synthesis gas based biomass to plastics (BTP) technologies
  • Combustion characteristics of Bio-coke in high temperature air flow

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