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  • The term "biogeneric" can simply be defined as a pharmaceutical preparation based on a biologically active substance. This is in contrast to traditional, multisource, generic pharmaceuticals.
  • A biogeneric is defined as the generic alternative of a biopharmaceutical or biologic, which is a copy of the original product.
  • The total biopharmaceutical market is valued at US $ 18,000 million with the US accounting for the largest proportion, 45%, followed by Europe, 30%, Japan, 20%, and the rest of the world, 5%. Assuming a similar penetration rate for biogenerics as for traditional drugs , then the potential market for biogenerics would be estimated at US$ 2,000 million.
  • Globally, the generic pharmaceutical business generated approximately $33 billion in revenue in 2002 . The financial success of the generic pharmaceutical industry has led many industry thought leaders and company executives to consider developing and manufacturing generic versions of blockbuster biopharmaceuticals near patent expiry such as Epogen (erythropoietin-alpha, EPO),Neupogen, (granulocyte colony stimulating factor, G-CSF), and Avonex (interferon-beta).
  • At present, India is one of the major contributors in the world biogeneric market along with China. The entry of Indian firms, with their own brands of recombinant products, has changed the dynamics of the domestic biogenerics market.
  • With low capital and operational cost in the area of bio-manufacturing, industry estimates that the market for biogenerics in India is expected to see a 43 percent jump from Rs 308.50 crore in 2001 to Rs 1,305.7 crore in 2005 and projected to reach Rs 1,864.3 crore by 2007 registering a growth of 19 percent.
  • The main players in Biogenerics market are Sandoz, Cangene, LG Chemicals, Rhein Biotech, PCGen, Wockhardt, Microbix, GeneMedix, Stada, DSM Biologicals, and Amgen.
General Information
  • What Next for Biogenerics?
  • Biotech Feature
  • The Future of Biogenerics
  • Potential Savings Of Biogenerics In the United States

Production and Processing

  • Biogeneric race in Europe
  • A Lisbon Strategy for Pharmaceuticals
  • Competitor Analysis Biogenerics and Therepautic-Protein
  • Biogenerics in China: An Evolving Industry


  • Bioscience Technology
  • Biogenerics Subsidiary Tyche Energy Acquires Rights to Hydroslotter Technology
  • Generic Biotech
  • Key Challenges Facing Biomanufacturing

Company Profile

  • BioProcess Group
  • Bicon
  • Cangene Corporation
  • Reliance Life Sciences Group of Companies
  • InSight Biopharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Microbix
  • Procognia (Israel) Ltd
  • Rhein Biotech
  • Sandoz


  • Avalon Consulting
  • Bioventure Consultants
  • C.E.L for Pharma
  • Lash Group


  • Business Case
  • Citizens Against Government Waste
  • The Next Boom in the Biotech World
  • India as a hub for biogenerics
  • Diagnostics in Gene and Protein Expression
  • Biogenerics market set to explode?
  • Biogenerics market gaining momentum
  • A Strategic Market Outlook and Business Analysis
  • Biogenerics A Priority Review
  • The Science Business Roundtable
  • Biogenerics


  • Biogenerics: An Answer to High Prices or Highly Risk Business
  • Australia and New Zealand Health
  • Prescription Drug User Fee Act
  • Chronical Specials
  • Time for an approval pathway from Congress
  • The Need for a Generic Pathway


  • Challenges and Promise
  • A New Level of Complexity
  • Western Biotech not threatened by Generic East according to a new
    survey by Eden Biodesign
  • Pharmacy Times
  • Biotechnology In India
  • Woodchips, Stalks and Switch Grass makes Biogenerics Easy

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