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  • Boric acid, also known as boracic acid or orthoboric acid, is naturally occurring compound containing the elements boron, oxygen, and hydrogen (H3BO3)
  • Boric acid crystals are white, odorless, and nearly tasteless.
  • The major raw materials required for the production of boric acid are borax (salt) and sulphuric acid
  • The project has backward linkage to mining industry and forward linkage to non-metallic and pharmaceutical industries
  • Boric acid is an industrial raw material mainly used in glazing pottery, fire proofing
    cloth, electroplating baths, hardwearing steels and the like.
  • Submicron sized boric acid particles are used in traditional lubrication oils as they provide a low friction
    coefficient and they are friendly to the environment
  • Ultra pure boric acid will be used in the LCD industry and 2 ppm is the maximum value of the criteria for clarity in LCD monitors. Right
    now, ultra pure boric acid is being produced only in United States of America and China
  • Submicron sized boric acid particles are used in traditional lubrication oils as they provide a low friction
    coefficient and they are friendly to the environment.
  • In the recent past , India imported Boric acid worth USD 22,030,126 with total quantity of 24,460,227. United States is the largest supplier of Boric acid accounting for imports worth USD 10,167,287 followed by Turkey and Peru which exported BORIC ACID worth USD 6,458,586 and USD 2,363,103 respectively
  • Boric acid is the fastest growing, large volume borate material worldwide. Over the past five years, global sales of boric acid have grown by approximately 100 kmt per year to over 600 kmt and are forecast to grow another 150 kmt over the next five years
Basic Information
  • Boric Acid
  • Fact Sheet

Projects Information

  • Project Feasibility
  • Project outline - 70 tons/year
  • 25000 TPA plant
  • Project at Argentina
  • Project at Mexico
  • Magdalena Borate Project

Technology Information

  • Production of Boric acid
  • Boric acid by wet milling
  • Boric acid removal system
  • Vitrification of Concentrated Boric Acid Waste

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Enriched Boric Acid
  • Insecticidal Dust
  • Powdered
  • Powder
  • Solid - powder
  • White, odorless powder


  • Applications & benefits
  • Synthesis of Dipyrromethanes
  • Fertilizer use
  • Laboratory Containers
  • Boric Acid in cooling water
  • Boron removal from water
Companies Information
  • Company & Products
  • Company & product profile
  • Company performance
  • Annual 2013-14 Report
  • Annual : 2009-2010

Market Scenario

  • Boric Acid Market
  • Industry Analysis
  • Industry in Mexico
  • Industry in CIS
  • India Imports
  • Analysis of Imports of India
  • Price List
  • Imports of India - details
  • Harmonised Classification and Labeling
  • Suppliers Links
  • Import regulation
  • Certification for imports
  • Environment Facts
  • Boric Acid consumer
  • Importer
  • Consultant - Market
  • REACH Regulation
  • Boric acid & REACH

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