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  • Bright Bars are being used in various industries. Varying by sizes and shapes bright bars are used in machined components, pump shafts, valves, fasteners, machine tools, dairy equipments, surgical and medical parts, threaded bars, studs, bolts, pins, hinges and handles.
  • Bright bars are mainly available in three shapes these are:Hexagonal bright bars, Round bright bars, Flat bright bars.
  • A good bright bar should have some qualities and it must pass these standards, these qualities are Aesthetic surface finish, Smooth, Free from scale, Dimensionally precise.
  • Hexagonal bright bars which are known for the durability, anti-corrosive nature and tensile strength are highly sought after in various industries. Flat bright bars are manufactured in standard sizes.
  • Due to the extensive usage of bright bars in various industries, there are various manufacturers providing Bright bars in various sizes and shapes.
  • On the other hand, only some of these manufacturing companies actually follow the quality standards and provide best quality bright bars.
  • Cost effective yet quality bright bars passed with all the concerned authorities are even rarer to avail.
  • Left with no choice you have to compromise with quality, resulted in affected production and decreasing the age of the machinery.
  • There are only a few manufacturers which provide cost effective bright bars without compromising with the quality standards.
  • You should do a thorough research before choosing any bright bar supplier. Various Bright bar suppliers also manufacture foundation bolts and jack rods which are also essential parts of any construction and are also being used in various industries like automobile and other.
  • Foundation bolts are an integral part of concrete construction in order to make the foundation strong, every building needs quality foundation bolts.
  • At the time of choosing foundation bolt and bright bar supplier you should ensure that the quality standards are at the highest.
  • Bright Bar is an industrial raw material produced by cold finishing process comprising of Drawing, Centre less Grinding, Centre less Turning or a combination of these cold finishing process.
  • Net profit of Shri Bhagavati Bright Bars declined 44.44% to Rs 0.10 crore in the quarter ended September 2011 as against Rs 0.18 crore during the previous quarter ended September 2010.
  • Sales declined 2.91% to Rs 1.00 crore in the quarter ended September 2011 as against Rs 1.03 crore during the previous quarter ended September 2010.
  • The close collaboration between Swiss Steel as steel manufacturer and Steeltec as bright bar producer led to a new family of multiphase steel products combining a tensile strength from 1000 to 1400 MPa with a minimum elongation at break of 6 to 12%, respectively.
  • What are Bright bars
  • Bright bars automatic plant


  • Uses of a Bright Steel Bar
  • Product applications
  • Stainless Steel Bright Bars Application
  • Applications & Uses of Bright Bars
  • Bright bars applications


  • Formrite
  • Stainless steel bars
  • Square and Hexagonal Bright Bars
  • Stainless Steel Bright Bars (Round bars)
  • Stainless Steel Bright Bars
  • Global steel supply and services
  • Stainless steel

Machinery suppliers

  • Machinery suppliers from Faridabad
  • Machinery suppliers from Haryana
  • Machinery suppliers from Kolkata
  • Machinery suppliers from Maharashtra
  • Machinery suppliers from U.S.A
  • Machinery suppliers from Germany
  • Machinery India
  • Coolant filtering machinery

Manufacturing process

  • Onesteel martin bright
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Manufacturing Process of Bright Bars
  • Manufacturing process of stainless steel bright bars
  • Bar Testing


  • M/s Shri Bhagavati Bright Bars Limited
  • Bright bars project details
  • Process Control of Bright Bar Steel Manufacture Using Combined Drawing Machines
  • Project outlay
  • Project Consultant
  • Project proposals
  • A Project to develop  Infrastructure & provide necessary support facilities to cater to the manufacture of Steel Circles

News Letters

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Plant Operation

  • Peeling Machine and Two-Roll Straightening Machine Production Line-trial run
  • Bright bar automatic plant India
  • Combined drawing machine - India
  • Bright Bar LED Rechargeable Work Light

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  • Suppliers of Bright bars
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  • Selling leads of Bright bars
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  • Exporters of Bright bars from Mumbai
  • Bright bars supplier from Mumbai

Raw material suppliers

  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel wire
  • Sulfuric acid
  • Lubricants

Company profiles

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  • Company from Mumbai
  • Company from Rajkot
  • Company from Gujarat
  • Another Company from Gujarat
  • Company from Kolkata
  • Company from Maharashtra
  • Another Company from Maharashtra
Market Scenario
  • Financial performance of Qtr I FY'09
  • Stainless Steel Bar From France, Germany, Italy, Korea, and the United Kingdom
  • Viraj ranks 2nd in the world for stainless steel long products
  • A profile of the UK stainless steel market
  • Strategy paper for growth of Engineering exports
  • Financial performance of Qtr III & 9M FY'08
  • Usha martin Market cap
  • Usha Martin set to take over bright bar plant in U.K
  • Shri Bhagavati Bright Bars net profit declines 44.44% in the September 2011 quarter

Manufacturing plant

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  • Manufacturing plant from Delhi
  • Another Manufacturing plant from Delhi
  • Manufacturing plant from Faridabad
  • Manufacturing plant from Kolkata
  • Manufacturing plant from Maharashtra
  • Another Manufacturing plant from Maharashtra


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