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  • Camelback is made up of natural or synthetic rubber, carbon black (a material resulting from the incomplete burning of petroleum by-products, usually used as a pigment and reinforcement in rubber and plastic products), sulfur, waxes, emollient oils and other ingredients.
  • Rubber can also be purchased in a specified shape to apply around a tire for mould cure. This is called die size or camelback rubber.
  • Camelback tread rubber and slab rubber for use in automatic tread rubber-extruding machines
  • Retreading is the name of the process which extends the life of a tyre by adding new material.
  • Multi-Seal sealants are a blend of water and ethylene or propylene glycol. This makes Multi-Seal easily and completely water washable.
  • Retreading process can de done by two methods. They are Precure method and Mold-cure method.
  • Camelback is waiting for the result of an edict Fapesp launched together with the venture capital company Imprimatur.
  • The most important process is vulcanization, it is through it that a polymer known as camelback becomes the raw material for tires.
  • Heating the camelback along with the mix of chemical products makes possible cross links among the composite’s molecules.
General and Process
  • Retread
  • Retreads Fact Sheet
  • Tread Design
  • Classification of Retreading and Repair Process
  • Precured tread rubber process
  • The Retreading Process
  • Tyre Recycling
  • Retreating tires treated with Multi-Seal Tire Sealant
  • Aircraft tires

Company Profiles

  • Company in New Delhi
  • Company in Karnataka
  • Company in Chennai
  • Company in Kerala
  • Company in Malaysia
  • Company in Pilipinas

Patent and Technology

  • Coating for fiberboard and containers formed therefrom
  • Method of retreading pneumatic tires
  • Racing tire tread rubber composition
  • Production of camelback ribbon
  • Tire retreading method
  • Tire with tread rubber containing medium vinyl polybutadiene with clay and carbon black
  • The Challenge that Changed the Retread Industry
  • Retread Tires & Buses
  • The carbon footprint of retreaded versus new light commercial vehicle tyres
  • Rubber Projects
  • Well Tyre Retreading Material

  • Automatic Truck Tread Cutter
  • Precured Tread Rubber Hydraulic Press
  • Bytewise Off-Line Profilometer

Market and Report
  • Rubber Industry
  • Rubber Summary
  • Brazil – Measures Affecting Imports of Retreaded Tyres
  • Domestic and Industrial Plastics, Rubber and Foam Sector
  • Tyre - Environmental Information
  • Economic Analysis of the Rubber Tire Manufacturing MACT
  • State of Ohio - Recapped/Retread Tires
  • Camelback is born
  • 225 million scrap tires to be yearly recovered for retreading, recycled or disposed of in the EU
  • Rubber Waste - Options for Small-scale Resource Recovery

  • Tread Rubber Suppliers
  • Tread Rubber Maharashtra Suppliers
  • Tread Rubber Exporters

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