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  • A cenosphere is a lightweight, inert, hollow sphere filled with inert air or gas, typically produced as a byproduct of coal combustion at
    thermal power plants.
  • A cenosphere (ceramic sphere) is a hollow microscopic ball made of smooth silica-aluminum and other minor ceramic elements.
  • Cenospheres, derived from the inferno of coal-fired power plants, have been used for more than 30 years to improve the qualities of
    many manufactured products.
  • Cenospheres are hard and rigid, light, waterproof, innoxious, and insulative. This makes them highly useful in a variety of products,
    notably fillers.
  • Cenospheres are now used as fillers in cement to produce low density concrete.
  • The process of burning coal in thermal power plants produces fly ash containing ceramic particles made largely of alumina and silica.
    These particles form a part of the fly ash produced in the burning process.
  • Cenospheres are unique free flowing powders composed of hard shelled, hollow, minute spheres.
  • A small proportion of the pulverised fuel ash (PFA) produced from the combustion of coal in power stations is formed as
  • Cenospheres are made up of silica, iron and alumina.
  • Cenospheres have a size range from 1 to 500 microns with an average compressive strength of 3000+ psi.
  • Colors range from white to dark gray. They are also referred to as microspheres, hollow spheres, hollow ceramic microspheres, microballoons, or glass beads.
  • Cenospheres are essentially thin-walled glass spheres with a relative density of less than 1.0.
  • Cenospheres occur in minute concentrations; a ton of South African fly ash gives rise to only one kg of cenospheres.
  • After recovery, drying and size classification, cenospheres produce a free flowing white or greywhite powder.
  • Cenospheres, also referred to as hollow ceramic microspheres, is a non-porous, inert, hollow, alumina-silicate, micro balls that is formed by burning of pulverized coal during power generation process.
  • Cenospheres are formed from coal combustion ash when it is in a molten state.
  • Cenospheres are used as fillers in lowdensity concrete; in plastics and composite materials used for manufacturing bowling balls, kayaks, surfboards, and automotive components; and in fire bricks, floor tiles, and insulating materials.
  • They are used to replace minerals and resins where the benefits may be as diverse as weight reduction, improved insulation, reduced shrinkage, improved fire resistance reduced friction, improved surface finish or simply easier application.
  • Float-sink with centrifugation analyses using distilled water and lithium metatungstate solutions were used to quantify the recovery of Cenospheres of various densities.
  • Cenospheres are incorporated in polymeric materials to obtain composites of low density and high compressive strength, known as syntactic foams.
  • Didcot Power Station is able to harvest the Cenospheres from the lake at Radley and approximately 400 tonnes are made available each year.
  • The grade of a Cenospheres most often used for high quality and smooth coatings is more like fine dust and not granular like sand.
  • The Cenospheres are produced only by a highly filtered processing of the fly ash.
  • Cenospheres are the key ingredient in Ceramic coatings.
  •  Cenospheres are derived “flyash” in a multi filtration process, then filtered again to separate the specific grades and qualities of Cenospheres used in coatings and high tech.
  • Cenospheres is used in high tech manufacturing, aerospace space and other technologies.
General Information
  • Cenospheres
  • Cenospheres general information
  • What Are Cenospheres? - TVA Fact Sheet


  • Using SEM for comparing trends to form cenospheres in spray drying processes
  • New products from coal combustion Ash: Selective Extraction of particles with density < 2
  • Study of mechanism of electroless copper coating of fly-ash cenosphere particles
  • Microstructure of fly ash cenosphere/AZ91D Composite during solution treatment at 380-420C
  • A new porous material based on cenospheres
  • Performance of dry-separation processes in the recovery of cenospheres from fly ash
    and their implementation in a recovery unit


  • Acoustic properties of cenosphere reinforced cement and asphalt concrete
  • Alkali Activated Autoclaved Aerated Concrete made with Fly Ash Derived Cenospheres: Effect of Fly Ash and Precuring Temperature
  • Conversion of flyash cenosphere to hallow microspheres with Zeolite/Mullite composite shells
  • Hollow Cancrinite Zeolite Spheres in situ Transformed from Fly Ash Cenosphere
  • Influence of cenospheres of fly ashon the mechanical properties and wear of permanent moulded eutectic Al–Si alloys


  • Effect of wall thickness of cenospheres on the compressive properties of syntactic foams
  • Fly ash cenospheres: Composition, morphology, Structure, and Helium Permeability
  • Thermo optical investigation of burning pyrolysis oil droplets

Patent & Technology

  • Separation Of Cenospheres From Fly Ash
  • Light weight particulate composite materials with cenospheres as reinforcements and method for making the same
  • Waterproofing membranes based on bitumen modified with polymers, containing aluminium silicate cenospheres
  • Open-cell glass crystalline porous material
  • Composite material for construction of modular buildings
  • Closed-cell ceramic foam material
  • Cenosphere Separation from Fly Ash Using Pneumatic Transport, Triboelectric Processing
  • Thermal Expansion of Aluminum–Fly Ash
    Cenosphere Composites Synthesized by Pressure Infiltration Technique

Company Profiles

  • Company from California
  • Company from China
  • Company from Scotland
  • Company from Sweden
  • Another company from China
  • Company from USA
  • Company from Tianjin
  • Another company from China


  • Consultancy from India
  • Consultancy from Hong Kong
  • Consultancy from Bulgaria
  • Consultancy from China
  • Another consultancy from China
  • Another consultancy from India
  • Application of cenosphere in pastes for cleansing hard surfaces
  • Porous Materials Based on Cenospheres of Coal Fly Ash for Fixation of Cs-137 and Sr-90 in Mineral-like Aluminosilicates
  • The Use of Cenospheres in Refractories
  • Using Cenospheres to Develop New Asphalt and Cement Based Concrete Materials


  • EconoStar 200/600 Cenospheres
  • China white 300 Cenospheres
  • EconoStar 160 Cenospheres
  • EconoStar 300 Cenospheres
  • Cenospheres as an industrial filler
  • Fillite Cenospheres
  • HAL106 (High alumina) Cenospheres

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Fillite MSDS
  • Ceramic Microspheres (Cenospheres) - All Types
  • Cenospheres safety data sheet
  • Fillite safety data sheet
  • Material safety data sheet for Fillite
  • Minelco Cenospheres Grades
  • Cenospheres, All Grades
  • Safety Data Sheet for PFA/Fly Ash and FBA (including Cenospheres)


  • Effect of cenospheres on flyash brick properties
  • Functional Materials on the basis of cenospheres
  • Compression Properties of Syntactic Foams: Effect of Cenosphere Radius Ratio and Specimen Aspect Ratio
  • Measurements of polarization properties of camouflaged objects and of the denial of surfaces covered with cenospheres.
  • The Properties of Cenospheres and the Mechanism of Their Formation During High-Temperature Coal
    Combustion at Thermal Power Plans

Project & Report

  • Cenospheres from fly ash
  • Bias of air void system data from fly ash concretes
  • Residue utilisation at didcot coal fired power station
  • Ceramic Coatings report
  • Industry overview, materials evaluated, and current RMC substitution levels
  • Processing and characterization of a light weight concrete using cenospheres
  • Using cenospheres to develop new asphalt and cement based concrete materials
  • Cenosphere recovery demobilization work plan

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