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  • Circular knitting or knitting in the round is a form of knitting that creates a seamless tube. When knitting circularly, the knitting is cast on and the
    circle of stitches is joined.
  • Machines also produce circular knitting; double bed machines can be set up to knit on the front bed in one direction then the back bed on the return, creating a knitted tube.
  • Normally, every circular knitting machine is equipped with a yarn feeder, i.e. a feed wheel mechanism. It is the task of this feeder to supply each of
    the knitting systems with exactly the same amount of yarn.
  • Circular knitting machinery is available from a diversified range of suppliers/ origins i.e. Japanese, German, Italian, Chinese, Taiwanese,
    Singaporean, Korean and Hong Kong.
  • Knitting industry's performance this year seems particularly eye-catching, whether the industry is running the first half of the data, or the recent
    knitting equipment and knitted fabrics, knitted apparel sales, people are lifted.
  • The quantity of knitwear required to cover the global requirement for clothing as protection against the elements is covered to some degree by the circular knitting machine capacity available in the world today.
  • How to Knit?
  • All About Circular Knitting
  • Circular Knitting - video tutorial
  • Circular Knitting

Circular Knitting Process

  • An Approach to development
    and production of polyester fiber for automotive use
  • Dorlastan in Circular Knitting
  • Knitting with Circular Needles
  • Optimising Knitting Process Conditions
  • Process Control for Total Quality in Circular Knitting

Techniques and Technology

  • Circular Needles Technique
  • Terrot to exhibit perfect circular knitting technology at ITM, Turkey
  • Three Dimensional Seamless Garment Knitting on V-Bed Flat Knitting Machines
  • Circular knitting technology for ultra-fine fabrics up to E 60

Project Report

  • Beaunit Corp. (Circular Knit & Dyeing Plant)
  • Knitted Fabric for Inner Wear
  • Integrated System to Design/Produce Engineered Knit Garments
  • Pre - feasibility Study
  • Circular Knitting Making Plant
Machinery and Machinery Suppliers
  • Company from Punjab (India)
  • Company from New Delhi (India)
  • Company from Albstadt
  • Company from Ludhiana
  • Company from China
  • Another company from China
  • On - line fabric defect detection and full control in a circular knitting machine
  • Antifriction bearings for circular knitting machines
  • Circular Knitting Machine Parts
  • Circular Knitting Machines Plush
  • Circular Knitting Machines Single Jersey
  • Needle and  sinker oil for Knitting Machines
  • Circular Knitting Machines


  • Knitting: market behind the existence of a large number of hidden hot?
  • The Development and Future of Circular Knitted Fabric
  • Growth in Knitting Industry
  • World Knitting Industry



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