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  • Contract Packaging, better known as Co-Packaging.
    A co-packer, or contract manufacturer, is a food processor that agrees to produce another company's product within their own facility.
  • Co-packer will provide you with a breakdown of the fixed and variable costs.
  • Co-packing by its very nature is demanding. Requirements are often heavily labour intensive, the need for consistency and high quality of output is paramount and, most importantly, the work has to be completed within a very short timeframe, often with only a few hours notice.
  • “Co-packing can be a lucrative business, Under-utilization of equipment is expensive, so being able to use the machinery [for co-packing] is a good opportunity".
  • The maker of an antioxidant ingredient that is losing market share to CO meat packaging has waged a public attack, leveraging fears of carbon monoxide to prevent further loss of market share prevent share.
  • Co-packing is inherently a low-margin, high-volume business. Manufacturers typically charge 5% to 15% over production costs when they sell finished goods to a marketer.
  • Co-packing sales were higher in the first quarter of some year because the Company was producing a yogurt and fruit smoothie retail product for a major food products company.
  • Not every food brand has its own canning and packing facility.It’s not just for large supermarket chains. Co-packing “is quite helpful for people getting started in specialty food production”.
  • Co-packing also helps keep costs down for shoppers.
    The most obvious advantages of using a copacker is to reduce start up costs for the beverage entrepreneur and decrease costs for those who have been in production for years.
  • About Co-packing food
  • Choosing and Using a Copacker
  • General procedures for Co-packing
  • Resources for small food processors
  • Food Processing Using a Co-Packer


  • Company from Canada
  • Company from South Carolina
  • Company from California
  • Company from Gervais
  • Company from Texas
  • Company from California
  • Company from Carolina
  • Company from North America


  • Plant from Norway
  • Plant from Newyork
  • Plant from Colorado
  • Plant from LosAngeles
  • Plant from UnitedKingdom
  • Plant from Ames

Consultant & Project

  • Consultant from Iowa
  • Consultant list
  • Consultant from Canada
  • Consultant from London
  • Consultant from Ukraine
  • Consultant from Saskatoon
  • Puget sound food project


  • Suppliers List
  • Selling leads of Co-packing food
  • Trade leads of Co-packing food
  • Manufacturers of Co-packing food
  • Co-packing food Suppliers
  • Co-packing Trade leads

Equipment Suppliers

  • Canning and packaging machinery equipment suppliers
  • Bulk container depalletizers equipment suppliers
  • Food pasteurizer equipment suppliers
  • Rinser equipment suppliers
  • Semi automatic packaging machine supplier
  • Shrink packaging machine
  • Roller conveyors equipment suppliers
  • Sealing machine suppliers
  • Stretch wrappers suppliers
  • Equipment supplier from Malaysia
  • Bulk pack filler equipment supplier
Patent & Technology
  • NASA food technology
  • Aromatized food package
  • Methods relating to Co-packaging ocassion based products
  • Package particularly for packaging food products
  • Method for packaging food product
  • Two component packaged food products
  • Packaging container, packaged food and packaged feed
  • Food preparation and packaging process


  • Developing and manufacturing of Product
  • Starting a Specialty Food Business
  • Guide to food processing
  • Helpful tips on how to pack

Standards & safety

  • Labelling and Packaging
  • BVQI certificate of approval
  • BRC/IOP packaging standard
  • Marsden packaging
  • Co-packing agreement
  • DePaul Industries Food & Consumer Goods Packaging Division Receives Highest Food Safety Rating


  • Food buisness
  • Challenges of Co-Packing
  • International FoodTec India
  • Fresh Meat Packaging in Low CO Atmospheres
  • YoCream International


  • Consumer Insistence on Convenience Fuels Future of Newly Launched Blue Anchor Beverage
  • Providing reliable co-packing solutions to meet diverse requirements
  • Canned-food recalls reveal broad use of co-packing
  • Co-packing suits these packagers
  • The Anatomy of a Food Scare:Low Oxygen CO packaging

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