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  • Minimal processing of tender nuts is prepared by trimming off the husk to the maximum possible level, without exposing the shell
  • This results in considerable reduction in weight and volume of the nut
  • Tender coconuts were then dipped in solutions of potassium metabisulphite (KMS) and citric acid (0.5% and 0.5% levels and 0.5% and 1.0% levels respectively) for three minutes and packed in either LDPP or LDPE covers having 40 ventilation holes and stored in ventilated room or in refrigerator (52C).
  • Dipping nuts in the solution and packaging in LDPP/LDPE and storing in refrigerator resulted in storage life of 26 days. These nuts were also found superior in terms of physical, biochemical, microbial and sensory quality of tender coconut water compared to other treatments. By adopting minimal processing technique, marketing of tender coconuts as a chilled beverage could be made a reality
  • The partially de-husked and thus treated coconuts canbe stored up to 24 days in refrigerated condition at 50C to 70C temperature without loss of white colour of the minimally processed outer most covering of the tender coconut, natural taste and
    flavour of tender nut water Partially Dehusked Tender Coconutinside
  • Young coconuts are hand harvested
    Special care is needed with young coconuts to prevent them falling to the ground.
  • Trimmed aromatic young coconut fruits are to be blanched to reduce mesocrap browning and postharvest diseases during transportation
  • Investment of about INR 5 millions is required to set up a plant to produce about 5000 coconuts to produce one metric ton of finished product
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