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  • Collapsible metal tubes from which a paste stored therein is squeezed when the body portion is subject to plastic deformation by pressure have been used to store various drugs and cosmetics.
  • In 1841 the American portrait painter John Goffe Rand invented the squeezable or collapsible metal tube.
  • It comprises a body portion composed of metal walls susceptible of plastic information, and a shoulder portion and neck portion connected to one end of the body portion. The
    other end of the body portion of the collapsible metal tube is sealed by folding and tightening and neck portion is openably closed with a cap.
  • Collapsible tubes made of tin, tin alloy or aluminium as they are commonly used for containing and delivering liquid, viscous or pasty products such as tooth pastes are generally fitted with a lid so as to be perfectly air tight while they are prepared for use,
    transported, stored in ware houses in markets or shops.
  • The collapsible metal tube, or the "compressible" tube, as it was sometimes called, had been around for quite a few years.
  • The majority of medical creams and ointments are marketed in collapsible tubes made from aluminium or plastics which retain their original shape after use, or special
    laminates based on aluminium foil.
  • Manufacturing the collapsible metal tube comprises: Spray coating a
    dispersion of fine spherical particles of a metal adhesive thermoplastic resin on the
    inside wall surface of a metal body portion open at one end of a collapsible tube comprising the metal body portion plastically deformed without difficulty, and a neck
    portion connected to the other end of the body portion , to form a coating of uniform thickness and heating the coating to fuse the fine spherical particles of the resin, thereby forming a metal-adhesive thermo-plastic resin layer.


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  • Company from Mumbai.
  • Company from USA.


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  • Consultancy from USA.


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Market Demands

  • Flexible Packaging: Changing Dynamics of Indian Packaging Market.
  • The 2011 report on fabricated metal collapsible tubes.


  • Applications of Collapsible Aluminium Tubes.









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