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  • Colostrum (also known colloquially as beestings, bisnings or first milk) is a form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals in late pregnancy.
  • Most species will generate colostrum just prior to giving birth.
  • Colostrum contains antibodies to protect the newborn against disease, as well as being lower in fat and higher in protein than ordinary milk.
  • Newborns have very small digestive systems, and colostrum delivers its nutrients in a very concentrated low-volume form.
  • It has a mild laxative effect, encouraging the passing of the baby's first stool, which is called meconium.
  • This clears excess bilirubin, a waste product of dead red blood cells, which is produced in large quantities at birth due to blood volume reduction, from the infant's body and helps prevent jaundice.
  • Colostrum is known to contain antibodies called immunoglobulins such as IgA, IgG, and IgM in mammals.
  • These are the major components of the adaptive
    immune system.
  • Other immune components of
    colostrum include the major components of the innate immune system, such as lactoferrin, lysozyme, lactoperoxidase, complement,
    and proline-rich polypeptides (PRP).
  • Colostrum is crucial for newborn farm animals.
  • They receive no passive transfer of immunity via the placenta before birth, so any antibodies that they need have to be ingested.


  • Colostrum
  • Introduction
  • Colostrum fact sheet
  • Symbiotic Colostrum
  • Colostrum supplement
  • General Facts
  • Colostrum Mother's nature
  • Colostrum Liquid gold
  • What is Colostrum
  • Colostrum Research

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  • Selling leads
  • Company from New Zealand

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  • Colostrum side effects
  • Common Side effects of Colostrum
  • Uses, Side effects
  • Colostrum's side effects
  • Colostrum from new life
  • Side effects of Colostrum
  • Colostrum - Side effects


  • Therapeutic usage
  • How to use Colostrum
  • Uses of Colostrum
  • Various uses of Colostrum
  • History of usage


  • The best cow Colostrum on market
  • Terra north market
  • Lupin Pharma
  • Colostrum market
  • China to set standards for Colostrum market
  • World Infant Formula Market
  • The dry Colostrum Market

Data sheets

  • Colostrum Replacement
  • Colostrum Powder 25 %
  • Colostrum Bolus
  • Human Colostrum
  • Provita Lamb Colostrum


  • Colostrum Benefits
  • Benefits of Colostrum
  • Benefits that have long been appreciated
  • New studies to reveal health benefits of Colostrum
  • Benefits of consuming Colostrum
  • Health benefits of Colostrum
  • Organic Bovine Colostrum Benefits
  • Colostrum Benefits
  • Organic Colostrum benefits and rebuilds the human body at a deep foundational level
  • Benefits , Side effects and Composition
  • Enjoy the benefits of Colostrum
  • MIP Bovine Colostrum Benefits


  • Colostrum
  • Colostrum products
  • Colostrum Plus
  • Symbiotics Colostrum Plus
  • Colostrum Powder
  • Suthrival Colostrum


  • Colostrum supplement
  • Colostrum filtered sterile
  • Method of treating Colostrum
  • Liquid Colostrum for dairy products
  • Polypeptide factors from Colostrum
  • Colostrum derived growth factor
  • Colostrum compositions and methods
  • Colostrum-based composition
  • Pharmaceutical and dermocosmetic compositions containing equine Colostrum

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